Pork Barrel Politics: Corruption and Public Trust

'Pork Barrel' Scam - this topic open my eyes to a lot of things. This is Pork Barrel issue essay in which I will briefly reveal this topic. Pork Barrel makes me realize that some people that we expect to help the society are the ones who stab us at the back. They are masked in a very good image, helpful, angel-like impression during campaigns period but look at them when they are in the position. 

Just like Napoles, people of Cagayan De Oro trust her and elected her as their Congressman but she disappoints every people who believed in her and who trust her. Those people who elected her before the Pork Barrel issue expected her that when she is in the position that she will help everyone in the society but sadly she used her power to do cruel act to the Filipino's. I've realized that we Filipino's must be wise when choosing the right person to the right positions because our future depends on us. Ex-Cagayan De Oro congressman Janet Lim-Napoles, the mastermind of 10M pesos pork barrel scam, is all over the news during those time. We, Filipinos are enraged about this issue even others didn't know what really happened. Unfortunately, most of us the Filipino's are not well educated in this kind of things that's why Government Officials take this situation for granted and deprived the money that was supposed to be for them. The one that is vulnerable from the power and gain of these officials. Most likely, she would wonder what a pork barrel is. 

Consequently, a Pork Barrel is a fund given to the Government officials that has sole purpose: “To Help All the Filipinos”. Nevertheless, this fund also came from the Filipino's taxes, The Filipino's pay for it so we all have the right to claim this. According to the investigations, a lot of government officials in the positions has done this cruel act among Filipinos, considering they live lavishly while more than half of our country are striving to live and survive. Together as a Filipino's We are not easily giving up even though a lot of things, and disasters came. We need to help each other and lift each other up. We need to open our eyes and know the importance of being wise in choosing our leaders because it is important to choose who really deserve it. 

I believe that there are still people in the position who is deserving and really put the Filipino's first and help us to create a better life. But sadly, we all knew that some of them are doing bad things that we don't see. All we need to do is pray for them and also, we must know how to choose our leader wisely when we are electing them to their position first ask yourself if they are really deserving. We must love our country despite what's happening, let us uplift the Philippines and let this be our strength to push through the dangerous way of justice and progress. We need to face every challenge in our lives and know that everything will be okay.

10 October 2022
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