Positive And Negative Effects Of Drug In Our World

Drugs impose positive and negative impact on human’s daily life. The mean of communication with drugs depends on human’s intension. Negative usage has wide range of impact in human’s digestive system. Positive drugs include, Panadoland negative drugs includes Marijuana, cocaine and heroin, however Marijuana has positive outcomes as well. In the following paragraphs negative and negative impact of Marijuana will be high-lighted.

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Marijuana is a mixture of shredded leaves, stems and flower buds of the cannabis sativa plant. Individuals consume marijuana as form of smoke, or eat the leaves, or vaporize. Pot or weed is some of the common names of the Marijuana which today’s generation address. Understanding the impact of Marijuana needs to educated to everyone as it is one of the negative externalities, harms individual and as well as surroundings. In recent studies various article has shown that marijuana can be used in foods, some countries has been legalized the use and product of marijuana, a term ‘edible marijuana’ can be added in various foods which includes candy, ice cream or butter (Cox, 2017).

In addition, cannabis can be added in beverages such as soda, milk and alcohol. In addition, Excessive usage of marijuana or heroin or cocaine can lead tobrains damage, heart blockage, cause hallucinations, decrease in abilities and lose of interest, it harms human’s eco-system and possibility death if not treated or cured. Users also feel low and also has mood swings because brain is directly affected which can also result in memory loss. Studies have also shown that teenagers consuming marijuana has low development rate and immune system or causing abnormalities even. Effects do not show instantly, but gradually develops into a stage where death or memory loss occurs. To continue, it has been highlighted that marijuana consuming can be possibility of genetic or generation usage. Same scenario was in my village where a teen was into drugs and as a result job was lost and memory loss. Medically he was been treated however it took time as excessive use of marijuana was consumed. Moving ahead, Marijuana has effect on economic and financial life of individuals, purchasing of this harmful product are costly, and continually intake and lead to financial crises, as it becomes habit and habits take time to cure. Drugs cause infection, as it spreads from person to person in form of sex, or sharing needles or any kind of physical contact. Legal consequences are also associated, since marijuana is illegal and if found guilty then severe fines can be charged.

As per article (Wesley, 2018) drugs becoming part of our daily lives. Drugs trade is profitable and has clothes and fed many who harbor no additional thoughts about its harmful effects on users and their dependents. To survive, traders have had to come up with innovative ways to do business as police efforts rise. As the force targets dealers who are constantly adapting to their various methods of detection, it needs the support and encouragement of members of the public. Injuries also associated with the practices of illegal use of drugs, as it manipulates human mind cause affected person to act irrationally and violently affecting itself and third parties.

To sum up, we as teens can find new and educational methods to gain and educate the youths of today in leading a healthy live without use of negative drugs. In the new era, a world of technology awareness can be created and word of motivation can be promoted to. Individuals who has habit of drugs needs to seek medical attention to prevent another lose of live. As Gandhi has said and I quote “unite we stand and divide we fall”. Positive thoughts lead to positive attitude, positive attitude lead to positive outcome and positive outcome lead to secure world.

11 February 2020

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