Why Shouldn't Marijuanas Be Legalized: Review of Arguments

Why shouldn't marijuanas be legalized? The essay divides opinion that the legalization of marijuana use should be discouraged and prohibited across the world due to its detrimental impacts on its users.

Marijuana also known as Cannabis is the most widely used illegal drug in the US. It is an herb and chemicals of the drug known as THC are present in flowers and leaves. It is usually used by smoking it in the form of cigarette or long pipe. It can also be used by mixing it in food or tea. It is categorized as a Schedule I controlled substance. It is pertinent to highlight that with the increased legalization of marijuana, its use has been increased exponentially among adults. The recent statistics from the survey in 2017 highlights that one in seven adults use it and smoking is the most prevalent way of utilizing this illicit drug. The drug users may develop a strong addiction towards it and symptoms of using this drug may include increased dizziness, red eyes, difficulties in memorizing things, and anxiety. The use of cannabis affects the short term memory, movement, coordination, and ability to concentrate and pay attention. The serious side effects may include hallucination, kidney damage, and heart attack.

Marijuana should not be legalized because it affects the individuals by creating problems in sex, relationship building, and health issues. The research about sexual problems has identified that the mixing of marijuana with tobacco increases the risk of developing Erectile Dysfunction (ED). The drug affects the penile function and causes early ejaculation. Some more studies have indicated that the use of this drug increases the level of Dopamine in the body which controls the individual’s emotions. The persons addicted to this drug get adapted to the increased level of dopamine and realize that the natural level of this hormone is not enough to sexually stimulate them. In the similar context, National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) states that use of marijuana causes dizziness and euphoria which may slow the reaction time and these effects could lead to having decreased desire for sex. The Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) also highlights that use of this drug affects the circulatory system, limits the flow of blood in arteries and veins, and elevates the blood pressure and put the person at increased risk of ED.

The excessive use of the unlawful drug also affects the relationship with peers. A scientist named Smith which studied relationship problems has identified that marijuana addiction may affect the relationships negatively. The drug use may cause memory loss, dizziness, and poor communication which hampers the development of relationship. More studies identify that mental illness is also induced due to excessive use of the cannabis. The research has revealed that its increased use leads to depression, anxiety, reduced judgment, hallucinations and psychosis. Also, passive smoking is also a significant issue for children and life partner. The health of cannabis user’s family is also equally affected as passive smokers. Moreover, the prevalence of a constant cough and issues related to mental illness may affect the quality of life.

In addition to this, marijuana use may increase the risks of heart diseases and strokes. Marijuana use is linked with vascular conditions which amplify the risks of heart attack and strokes. Research has indicated that inhaling the chemicals of this drug through smoking increases the heartbeat and blood pressure. The combination of tobacco and cannabis hampers the flow of blood in arteries and veins and affects the blood’s ability to supply oxygen throughout the body, thus enhancing the risk of heart attack and other heart diseases. Another study highlights that the incidence of stroke is increased by 15% in individuals addicted to marijuana. The study though didn’t develop causation but revealed that persons using it for a recreational purpose are more likely to have strokes. Overall, the marijuana ruins the lives of its users and imposes a large number of harmful impacts.


The use of marijuana is associated with harmful physical, psychological, and social impacts, therefore its use should be banned. The excessive use of marijuana is characterized by sexual problems like erectile dysfunction, damage in penile function, and early ejaculation. The relationship building problems may include, poor communication, mental illness, and effects on the family due to passive smoking. In addition to this, its addiction may increase the risk of developing heart diseases and strokes. Thus, marijuana use should be banned and prohibited.   

21 Jun 2023
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