Positive And Negative Sides Of Curiosity

Curiosity is the desire to know or learn something. It occurs to us all the time as it is in human nature to want to be involved and know about things that is strange to us. When we are curious, we tend to turn to our child-like habits which involves poking around in order to get to the mystery. As a child, we are the most curious as we are new to many things and this intrigues us such that we are automatically drawn to it. There are many things that need to be done in order to satisfy our curiosity and it is the feeling of being curious that needs to be fulfilled in order to get the feeling of accomplishment.

Curiosity gives character and moulds a person and gives him several benefits in his social life. Curious people are considered to be good listeners and have the ability to hold long conversations. They are also said to be good at doing work and often complete tasks with ease. Curiosity is also related with high performance in both academic and work setting. Being curious has its perks as it can uncover the truth in certain situations. It gives us more clarity to the situation as we discover many crucial details which are important in certain scenarios. It also serves as a challenge as it is not an easy task to solve our curiosity. It also gives us a learning experience and we will be more knowledgeable when it comes to similar tasks. We also experience a variety of challenges which is beneficial in the long run and we do not get bored by repetitions.

Curiosity also helps progress future development as we dive into the unknown and experiment on new things which enables us to learn from our mistakes. Curiosity helps us grow and expand our knowledge of the unknown. It gives new perspectives to older facts too. Without curiosity, mankind would not have explored and we would still be primitive in nature. It is because of curiosity that we are able to adapt to the future and also advance ourselves to new technology. Curiosity helps us build better relationships with people and also establish new relationships with others. As curiosity leads you in different paths, we meet new people and acquire a more positive character. We understand people’s problems and are able to confront and help them in certain situations and can also confide with these people as they might be able to help us in return.

Although Curiosity has its benefits, it also has some negative sides to it. For instance a person may sometimes be too inquisitive which comes off as a negative quality. Also sometimes being too curious can affect you as the saying goes “Curiosity kills the Cat”. This famous proverb explains that if we are too curious, it will backfire on us just as cats are curious creatures, they too pay the price for their curiosity. Curiosity can also sometimes make a person feel insecure in case he is left out of a situation. Some people are introverts by nature who are also considered to be very curious but their character restricts them from being open about it and they prefer to keep things to themselves.

Curiosity also helps in decision making as it gives us an approximate idea of the situation but sometimes the results can be painful and unpleasant. Many scientists though being very intelligent, turn to curiosity as it gives them the chance to experiment and most of the times they fail, but this doesn’t stop them from accomplishing their goals as they keep experimenting in order to find better results and also get self-satisfaction.

We can see that curiosity has both positive and negative effects but at the end of the day, we all are curious as it is in human nature. From the early ages, man has been curious and it is because of his curiosity that he has been able to advance and bring improvements in his life. Without curiosity, I feel that there would not be any development as through failures come success. Even though we fail many times we should get back up and find a solution to our problems and there is nothing wrong with being a little curious in the process.

31 October 2020
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