My Curiosity Of Biomedical Engineering

Having grown up around family figures that are involved in medicine of different forms, I have developed an appreciation for how it can improve people’s lives through the use of life-changing technology. This has inspired me to want to study how biomedical processes can be applied by doctors, such as the construction of tissue-engineered replacement body parts. This is evidence that biomedical engineering does not simply aim to create treatments, but rather cures. I would love to observe, first-hand, a limb that is unfamiliar with control and the brain itself suddenly guiding a prosthetic as if it were there all along. This huge challenge that prosthetic engineers have to overcome when creating a machine that functions as a natural limb is what got me intrigued in the field of biomedical engineering.

In Year 9 I attended a project ran by Queen Mary University called “Bridge the Gap”, where a nurse gave a presentation on what students need to go through to become part of the healthcare industry; whether a surgeon, dentist, nurse, etc. Through this, I gained a clear outlook on how the wider health system works and its integration with biomedical engineers. This sparked a desire in me to be part of this system and have an influence in the forever adapting field of medicine. Currently, I am enrolled onto Honours Programme where I attend sessions for the HE Programme that is led by Metropolitan University. These sessions helped me build a positive outlook on life on or out of campus as well as considering the wider choices of universities and the courses they offer.

Although chemistry and physics are the subjects where I perform at my strongest, I do not see my GCSE’s and A-levels as just subjects. I was and still am developing a variety of skills that I have implemented. This is mostly due to my drive to delve into the topics that are challenging which helps me overcome obstacles when I answer a difficult question. Skimming through notebooks and websites gather somewhat satisfactory answers to questions I constantly have running through my mind which sometimes leads me to research for hours on end. Chemistry has helped me understand the significance of invisible atoms and molecules around us and the reason for their existence. It fascinates me when I think of how huge or small of an invention all trace back to the same step; synthesis of new molecules.

The importance of care, precision, and detail in this industry heightens my curiosity for how biomedical engineering can further impact the future of medicine. For instance, the approach that is taken to prevent a solution of iodine from undergoing photo-decomposition reaction. Just a small change in the storage of the solution can minimise the exposure and therefore decrease the decomposition. Little changes and improvements like these fill me with wonder and make me want to explore more on this field.

11 February 2020
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