President Truman’s Decision Of Removing General Macarthur

Different viewpoints can lead to great disagreement which we can acknowledge between President Truman and General MacArthur. President Truman and MacArthur both are against communism but have very different ways to approach this certain situation. Based upon MacArthur’s history we know his strong character and ability to control armed forces which leads to his dedication on using force such as weapons when approaching aggression. Looking back at President Truman he is a man of the people, as a president he approaches situations with the safety of American people on his mind. Truman's belief in the ability of having a peaceful settlement to prevent Great War and protect our soldiers but mostly the American citizens.

General MacArthur had a similar point of view, but he believed in straight forward approach towards aggression, while president Truman is taking action with short steps to prevent further disaster. Truman took decisions such as creating organizations such as NATO and SEATO which aimed at preventing the spread of communism and gave alliance to counter Soviet expansion. Also, the 38th parallel which MacArthur used to his advantage to convince President Truman that China wouldn’t intervene in a war if America advanced their borders even if Chinese leaders publicly warned Americans. Before this, when communism was spread throughout China many blamed the United States more specific, President Truman as they failed to give enough support to Jiang Jieshi which was a nationalist leader who fought against communism. We Americans as the public should look at both points of view before coming to the conclusion on who to blame. President Truman was in all his right hand to dismiss General MacArthur for the disrespect of questioning the president's actions. When MacArthur was relieved from duty they both have much to say about the subject.

When General MacArthur addressed congress on April 19, 1951 he stated “ appeasement but begets newer and bloodier wars”. This statement is basically saying how President Truman’s decision to work around communism and limiting its spread instead of attacking and destroying it; will lead to a greater disaster. Looking back at this viewpoint wouldn’t using weapons such as nuclear weapons create another war which will be more harmful? The action of limiting war to secure our country and free the world from being jeopardized; was what Truman provided. Furthermore, General MacArthur didn’t only have a different point of view but his viewpoint lead to a “unified, independent , and democratic “ Korea as he led the United Nations forces at the start of the war people looked up at him for this more severe ; as he was always a determined and great General. But what the public wasn’t informed is how MacArthur wanted to invade China and bomb Chinese cities and use nukes in North Korea. Truman refused to these actions as it would have led to another war which is why President Truman relieved MacArthur from command.

The public blames Truman for the lack of progress and for his decision but he made specific decisions based upon the goal of limiting communism while protecting Americans and other countries. In conclusion, President Truman was correct in dismissing General MacArthur from command. We as the public have to realize that presidents acted upon the safety of the citizens which is what our president did. MacArthur is a honored General but his disagreement with President Truman led to his release. Having the authority that MacArthur had lead to his doubt in Truman’s actions as he is a strong individual but we also need to realize that Truman’s actions saved many individuals lifestyle such as their freedom from communism. President Truman throughout the Truman Doctrine gave aid to non communist countries fighting against communism who were threatened. This action should prove how Truman makes decisions within the right and safety of the people in mind .

10 October 2020
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