Preventing Illness And Injuries During Travel

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Your vacation is almost here and you are packed and ready to go! You’ve researched the best destinations, places to eat, things to do, booked accommodations, and purchased your airline tickets. However, one of the worst things that can happen when traveling and trying to enjoy your trip is an unforeseen injury or illness. There are things to know that can help you to try and prevent these things, as well as things to know if you do become ill or injured, so you can be as prepared as possible.

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Before the trip

Be sure and pack for the weather accordingly, by checking the average temperatures and seasonal weather in the areas in which you will be traveling. Also, pack any medications that you need to take on a regular basis, or things you take for things that you have intermittent issues with, like allergies for example. When in a new climate and environment, you never know how you will react to things around you, and allergy issues for example can make you miserable, as well as lead to things like a sinus infection. You will also want to check with your destination countries to be sure you are up to date on any required vaccines.

During your flight or in transit

When you’re traveling by plane, train, or any other public transportation, you have an increased risk of coming into contact with sick people, or picking up airborne illnesses. Be sure to carry hand sanitizer with you that you can use after touching doors, railings, and other common contact places. People also sometimes wear masks to prevent breathing in airborne germs when traveling though an airport terminal, bus station, or other places where large groups of travelers will be congregating.

During your trip

The most common illnesses someone can come down with when traveling besides air borne illness, would be stomach illnesses from coming into contact with unsanitary water, or contaminated or under cooked food. Be aware of how the food you are eating is prepared and you may want to opt for bottled water if available. If you are doing any type of physical activities when traveling, be sure you know all the safety rules for whatever it is you decide to do. If you are going to go hiking, you will need to wear proper shoes, if you are doing anything on the water, wear a life jacket. Be sure and follow the basic safety prevention rules and regulations. Make sure you stay hydrated and are able to access help if needed.

Travel Medical Insurance

It is always advised when traveling to obtain Travel medical insurance. This type of coverage can provide medical care when unforeseen accidents and injuries occur, and protect you from high out of pocket medical expenses. Trip Insurance is also available and can provide some medical coverage benefits along with coverage for trip cancellation, trip delays, lost luggage and other non-refundable trip expenses. If you were to run into issues during travel, or not able to travel at all due to someone falling ill before your trip for example, the plans can protect you financially.

15 April 2020

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