Pro Gun Control Personal Statement

Everyone knows that in the majority of the US states keeping guns is allowed. And it is an eternal question whether gun control should be implemented or not. Exactly in this paper that called "Pro gun control essay" I will share some arguments due to this side of the topic. Here I will share the current situation in the US and why I believe there is no reason to ban gun control laws that are already exist. One of the many big arguments as of late especially in politics is the gun control laws or people want to increase gun control. The gun control policies are going to be heard by the Supreme Court very soon. As they will discuss whether or not they need to advance the laws to cause more safety for American people. The case offers the Court’s conservative wing a vehicle to further solidify legal barriers to firearm regulation, a decades-long project that has thus far been quite successful for the people wanting to change it. This would be a change to the second amendment if the Court looks to be changed.

For decades, gun-control advocates have left this narrative partially unanswered, offering depressing statistics but no compelling constitutional principle. They cannot afford to do so any longer. The March for Our Lives brief marks the beginning of a long-needed effort to offer a pro-gun-control constitutional narrative, one that calls attention to the constitutional rights and goods vindicated by gun regulation. These include a collective understanding of self-defense, as well as constitutional guarantees such as the right to public assembly and interests such as access to public education. The point is that the right to bear arms is not the only constitutional commitment implicated in the guns debate, and the Court ought to consider those other commitments as worth balancing with the right to bear arms, not as inherently subordinate to it.

The biggest arguments regarding gun control is people believe more guns lead to more homicides. Gun-rights advocates and other extremists sometimes behave as if every attempt to create sane and logical regulations on guns is a fruitless, fascist assault on their freedom, but a quick look at the facts shows a chilling relationship between homicides and gun ownership that shouldn't be so carelessly ignored. The more people that own guns in a region, the more firearm deaths that area will see. For each percentage point increase in gun ownership, the firearm homicide rate increased by 0.9%.

The next big argument against less guns and there being less guns in America is fewer gun means fewer gun crimes. In the same vein, research shows that gun control restricting household firearm ownership could save lives. Gun control is therefore not only logical, it's necessary. It's common for gun advocates to claim that the solution to gun violence is to be more heavily armed so that you can defend yourself and others against someone brandishing a weapon. But again, this argument contains no logic. Other countries that have implemented stricter gun ownership regulations than the U.S. have lower homicide rates, and this is no coincidence. Looking at the example that Japan, with its strict firearm control laws and its almost nonexistent national homicide rate, sets, it's clear that fewer guns, not more guns, is the obvious answer.

The next big thing that the people argue is you do not have the right to own any gun you want. So, this pretty much means that you should not be able to own or buy any gun right of the shelf. They believe that you should go through more of a hassle to buy a gun. What do I mean by that they want to monitor or go through more of a process to buy a gun rather than just picking one out and buying it. I do not believe in this idea nor any of these ideas at all. Minors can't buy alcohol and we can't purchase cold medicine right off the shelf because our society aims to protect citizens from drug abuse and trafficking. In the same way, we need to regulate guns even further in order to protect Americans from gun violence. It's inaccurate to claim that unrestricted gun access and ownership is or ever was a constitutional right. They want buying a gun to be more advanced than buying alcohol or over the counter drugs.

When I think about gun control I think that we have good laws about gun control right now. They only thing that I could see us needing to change is the automatic guns or more advanced guns may need to be harder to buy than regular hunting guns. I do not see any reason whatsoever to change how we buy guns that are used in everyday hunting. I do not believe in changing America’s policies on gun control. Guns can be used for bad, but they can also be used to fight bad and be used for good.

08 December 2022
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