Pros And Cons Of Birth Control

Today I am taking on the pros and cons of Birth Control. I chose to talk about this because as we all know that babies are a gift embraced by God and women; however, no body wants to have a baby by chance. It’s important to have an option avoiding that birth control method can secure pregnancy till the right time. Appreciation to Margaret Sanger and others who invented the birth control pills, everyone has an option of waiting until they are ready. According to Dawn Stacy, who mentioned that, “women and young children who are enjoying the benefit of birth control pills at the time it was approved by the U. S Food and Drugs Administration on may 9, 1960, were not 100% safe and for individuals who were taking it was at a higher risk of experiencing common side effect like bleeding between period, having breast cancer, and S. T. D”.

Thesis: Birth control is not a bad idea for young and older women, but everyone needs to be aware of the consequences that come after because you might become one of those people who are suffering from such diseases

Preview: The pros and cons effect of Birth control I am going to be discussing on the pros of Birth control. I chose to talk about this pills because of how it changed everything for young and older people around the world who have to pursue higher education in reaching their careers goals.


The title of first main point goes here: The pros outcomes of why some people use family planning: First, According to the Trump Administration which is Senselessly Undermining an Effective Birth Control Funding Program of Opposing Viewpoints In Context stated that, “over a decade year ago family planning have helped millions of lower income women and young people in preventing them from getting pregnant, and at least having decisions if and when they want to have children'. Well, to be honest with myself I disagree with this idea. Why? Because, it will destroy them, thinking that oh it’s okay to have sex whenever they want, forgetting the risk they are putting themselves in. Hence, why if they encounter S. T. D or H. I. V only because they feel it’s okay. B. It helps you regulate your period and also prevent you from of getting pregnant.

It reduces acne, helping children and women around the world in achievement their full potential or career goals as they planned for the future.

It also start your period if you are suffering from PCOS and help those who have difficult conditions for example, seizures, extra security of condom burst. Transitional of second main point:

Birth control has it own side effect that many young women and children don’t even have knowledge of, specifice it lead them to experience a prolong side effect in life. For example, headache, breast cancer, bleeding, depression and fiber etc.

The title of your second main point goes here: The cons outcomes of why you shouldn’t take birth control pills: Basically birth control pills shouldn’t take because it causes you to have fiber, headache, nausea and sometime lead you into depression

The birth control also put you at a higher risk of getting S. T. D, specifically not being able to have children because of many complications like psychological imbalances and breast cancer.

As a matter of fact, it’s increases risk of blood clots, and nutrient deficiencies


Review: Birth control pills are important for everyone who is seeking in advancing their life and reaching their optimist goals in life. However, it is also good to think about the negatively side effect of this pills. For example, you might want to ask yourself these questions, “what if? In the long run I end up with a diseased that can’t be cure”? Now, I am not saying you shouldn’t take birth control, what I am saying instead of taking birth control you can avoid all those side effect that I listed previously or use a condom, though it’s not 50%safe but it can prevent you from getting pregnant and having S. T. D.

10 October 2020
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