Racial Discrimination In Public Health Services In The United States

Racism is a practice that consists of offering unfavorable treatment or underserved contempt to a certain person or group and also occurs in the health sector. This behavior that could be considered unethical has also been registered in public health services in the United States. 

Racism is like preference in medical care towards some patients to the detriment of others, based on non-medical reasons, such as sex, race, age, political opinion and so on. Preferential care due to vigency or other medical cause is discrimination. Racism in health care is a sad big issue throughout the world and takes many forms. It represents a violation of the most fundamental human rights and affects both users of health services and health workers, based on issues such as ethnic origin, sexual orientation, harmful gender stereotypes, the situation of asylum or migration, criminal records and other prejudices and practices. 

Racism and discrimination are greatly established in the society. Racism affects health care because discrimination can also lead to a less negative result effects on health. Why some patients get different care? According to the author “Racial and ethnic minorities still are more likely to have unequal access, receive poorer quality care and have worse health outcomes” (the impact of racism on health). The evidence support the claim by saying that health care have not an equal treat to the patients, discrimination also affects the social cause of health. For some people, connection with the health system is their only connection to a state institution, which directly shapes their experience as citizens and, all too often, reinforces their exclusion from society. 

Racism affects health care because patients get less resources and they think that do not deserve anything. According to the author “Research has shown that the impact of race on health stems largely from differences in access to resources and opportunities that can hurt or enhance health”. It supports by saying that research has found that health care have some negative rules to some kind of patients. Countries launched a new system to advance quality, equity and dignity in health care and develop inter-country interchange and organize in terms of quality of care. The grid is boosting the countries' achievement to aid the quality of care, especially for black people that are discriminated in streets and professionals building, and generating important lessons for other countries that fight against high rates of neonatal mortality. African-American people reported the highest incidence by race. Meanwhile, white and Hispanic patients indicated that they were discriminated against because of their age, weight or socioeconomic income. 

Racial discrimination can also lead to less negative effects on health. Discrimination affects to people that receive it because they feel less than other people and do not deserve anything. According to the author “Discrimination related stress is linked to mental health issues such as depression even in children”. Discrimination in any place has negative effects on people health because they could do things that affect themselves, so it means that they suffer depression by the opinions of the discriminators. A situation as uncomfortable as feeling discriminated or insulted, generates a stress that causes the excessive production of hormones such as cortisol and adrenaline. Epidemiological studies have proven that people from lower strata or darker skin, African-American or Hispanic, have more chronic diseases, such as hypertension, diabetes and cardiometabolic diseases. They have less ingress to health, they must work many more hours, they have a life with more stress. Racism can hinder attention and obtain to health. 

Patients remain unaware of their unconscious racial biases, they think that they have the same care than better patients. People think that some people because of their race, skin color, language, etc. do not have the same rights as some other person. According to the author “Racial biases take hold early. Even three months old prefer faces on their own race to those of other”. Racial biases existed in many times ago. The implicit bias could contribute to the shootings of medicine against black people, the implicit bias has become a political issue of the moment. 

Racial discrimination in health care is sadly widespread throughout the world and takes many forms. It represents a violation of the most fundamental human rights and affects both users of health access and health workers. The problematic around the existence of racial and gender biases in artificial intelligence algorithms is a thorny issue, discrimination is nested in settings where health services are offered and becomes frequent and acute against people with different races, language, culture and skin color. 

In conclusion, racial discrimination take place for many reasons, whether it is envy, lack of knowledge or simply intolerance, but the number of cases that end in violent encounters expand. The only quick fix is to try to be more tolerant with people that not every person must be equal to everybody and also try to be more supportive of others since you cannot always possess the luck you have. There are dissimilar kinds of racial, ethnic, sexual discrimination, etc., all these cause suffering, pain in the humans who receive it. People who discriminate do so because they feel superior to others. All human beings are equal there is no need to discriminate hostile to others for the easy fact of wanting to feel superior to others as this leads to very poor consequences either to the discriminator opposed to the discriminated. The prejudices and stereotypes that are handled in the media and in everyday conversations should be set aside at the moment of relating to others, it is not wrong to be curious and ask ourselves, but that should not be an impediment to know people who do not. They are the same as us. If we were all the same either physically or mentally, the world would be very boring because there would be nothing to discover and our ability to think and relate would be limited, it is clear that by means of dissent, knowledge is given. 

The word discrimination can be identified with many other words: cruelty, coldness, indifference, hatred, evil... Minorities are discriminated only because they are smaller in quantity, but we would have to think what would happen if, for example, most people were blacks and only a percentage of the world's population was white. Then the roles would be changed, which means that blacks are discriminated against only because they are a minority, and not because they are inferior. 

It would be good if some of the people who discriminate against others for being different were different from the others just for a day, so that they understood the humiliation to which they must submit on a daily basis. Every time someone is discriminated against, it is done because that person is different. Well, this is because the differences shown are notorious (for example, a black, a disabled person, etc.). But nobody has thought that in one way or another we are all different in small aspects. Which would be the same as discriminating against someone because he has longer or shorter hair, or because he likes to play this or that sport, or because he has the eyes of a certain color. In the first place, it is important to point out that what we had called 'horror of differences' does not have the same theoretical level as the 'other' discriminations. It is rather a framework that will allow us to understand the other types of discrimination. So we could say that school culture shows an atmosphere of horror for differences, and that this atmosphere is crystallized in each of the types of discrimination indicated, among which are gender, racial and socioeconomic discrimination. 

All the expressions of discrimination show a common trait: in all of them are students who have characteristics, ideal for the really existing school culture, which are grounds for segregation, ridicule and abuse. The students, then, must be aggressive to avoid being subjected to such aggressions. The idea is that one must attack so as not to be attacked. Adapt to the model so as not to be a victim of it. 

09 March 2021
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