Reflecting the Real Life of Refugees in Articles and Books

Many refugees have lived a hard life traveling from their home countries to America. A refugee is a person who's been forced to leave their country because of many different reasons like escaping war, persecution, natural disaster and more. Ha in the book “Inside Out And Back Again” is also a refugee. She was a normal person in her home Saigon, but war was coming near her home so she had to leave. In both of the articles “ From War to America” and “Iraqi Refugees Struggle To Build A Life In U.S” and Ha’s story both have to deal with challenges like the lack of resources going there. But after they flee their country they adapt to their new home and stay there and have fun.

When refugees flee their country because of what happened to their old home they have to find a new one like America, but going there is hard because of the lack of resources. Refugees' lives turned inside out by having little amounts of resources and living with what they have as it shows in the book “Inside Out and Back Again”. Like in this evidence having resources in The U. S is very important. For example in the article “From War To America” it states, “Then there are practical issues: finding jobs, getting driver's licenses and bank accounts, and learning how to get around in a new place.” This shows that without getting a job it will be difficult to get resources they need to survive, because without a job you can’t buy the resources you need like food, water and shelter. This evidence is about when you get to the US it would be difficult to keep up with the bills if you don’t have a job

Another example is in the article “Iraqi Refugees Struggle To Build A Life In U.S'' it's states, “Back in Florida, Bahjat's rent and food aid will soon run out, and he has had to start paying back the government for the family's plane tickets here: $3,000, in monthly installments.” This shows that even though they can make it through the traveling without running out of resources they still have to survive with low things and the most important thing is money. Their experience is like Ha’s by also having a lack of resources and going to American with low supplies. For example in the chapter “Floating” it states, “Our ship creeps along the river route without lights without cooking without bathrooms. We are told to sip water only when we must so our bodies can stop needing.” This shows that they don’t even have enough supplies for everyone so they have to drink or eat only a little bit of their food at a time. Another place in the book is when the food source is getting slow and they have to conserve food to have enough for everyone. The book “Inside Out And Back Again” states in the chapter “ One Engine” it states, “The commander decides the ration is now half a clump of rice only at morning and night, and one cup of water all day.” This shows that when they run low on food everyone has to eat less so everyone can have enough. This is what refugees have to do to survive the trip to America and staying there also needs resources like money, food, water, and shelter.

There are many examples of articles, films, books that show the real life of refugees: what they are going through, how they are trying to cope with a new life. In my opinion, this is best illustrated in  the articles “ From War to America” and “Iraqi Refugees Struggle To Build A Life In U.S” and Ha and her family story in the book “Inside Out And Back Again”.

07 July 2022
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