Feedback On The Quality Of Service In The Restaurant

In this assignment, I aim to highlight a services company and my personal experience with it. Along the pages, I will discuss positives and negatives of this company and will also feature some suggestions and recommendations. The chosen service provider is a privately owned restaurant, Chikachino.

Chikachino is a privately owned restaurant specially made for the tea-lovers and claims to bring the ultimate tea experience. With a distinct desi outlook, it somehow has a modern feel to it. Along with different flavours and types of tea they also offer various other drinks including a refreshing lassi and mouth-watering fresh juices. Their menu includes a variety of desi sweet and savoury food items ranging from channa chaat to jalebi. An extensive selection of parathas for pure Pakistani souls.

During my service encounter I had one of the best food experiences. On our arrival, the seating area was fully occupied showing the place was popular but the staff welcomed us nicely and politely asked us to wait for about 10 minutes until we were seated. They had a designated area for families and the other one was a friends corner. Once we were settled, they provided us with hand sanitizers and handed us the menus. Ultimately, the waiter took our order and it took almost 7 minutes until the arrival of food. All of the items were fresh and top-notch. Everything tasted extremely fine and had homemade touch to it. From tea in a glass to pakoras in a thali, everything was served considering the pure Pakistani culture displaying their tagline “Pure as Pakistan”.

Considering the price point, Chikachino is a perfect place for students averaging about Rs. 400 to 500 per person, its light on the pockets and fulfilling to the stomachs. Coming to ambiance, the place was nicely decorated with the use of plants, flowers and lights enhancing the total setting. They had created a happy atmosphere with a band playing music in the background making the experience ever so delightful. The band was taking customer’s requests and was happily playing for the people. The atmosphere felt warm even on a cold night. Overall it was a great place to hang out and relax.

To make my encounter even finer, the waiter asked if we needed anything else and if we were satisfied with the food and its quality. Overall, my experience with Chikachino was a great one. Considering everything from the ambiance, food and hygiene to staff’s behaviour the whole lot was excellent and made go look up on the web for it and ultimately I got to know about discount offers and promos. After my experience I’m very certain that I will visit Chikachino again and will also suggest my friends and family.


Even after such a good experience I do have some suggestions that I want the management of Chikachino to look through to make the service even more satisfying:

  • The music was a little loud so they should keep the volume bearable since it was slightly hard to communicate because of the loud music, we had to repeat the order a few times to make it clear.
  • Although the staff was cooperative and well mannered, the restaurant should provide the customers with a suggestion letter where they can rate their services and they get a better idea of the service is performing.
  • The place was good for breezy nights but for adverse weather conditions there was no alternative so I think that they should invest in a retractable shade that can use during rain and it will result in a more pleasant experience for the customers in the rainy weather.


On the whole it was a wonderful experience and I was extremely satisfied with the whole service encounter. The food was of astonishing quality and flavour and stayed true to its handmade nature. The place had a perfect balance between desi and modernity bringing culture back in this contemporary world.

29 April 2020
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