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Reflection On Human Resource Management In An Organization

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After my 12th final exams I was free for 3-4 months. I decided to do some work where I can utilize my free time in some work and learn something. So I join a reputed local computer assembling organization. It was a great experience for me. Everyone there was helpful and cheerful. We use to crack jokes while our free time and more. After 20 days I joined the organization. The organization got a mail form a university near our city that they want to install some computers in their new building and they said to meet and sign contract. There were two sales managers in my organization but both of them are different. The bad manager sends other manager to university and sign contract with them. The good sales manager presents their information well in university. They got the order of 250 computers to be installed within a two weeks along with some defined software they need for the work. But the time was not much for the work. The managers don’t talk to the computer developing team regarding the time and forcing employees to complete the order. The good manager doesn’t listen to good manager about time requirement. They put allot of pressure on the workers to assemble the computers. After two weeks the result was only 155 computers were ready. The university who gave the order got angry and refuse to take the 155 computer as per they gave the order 250 computers. The sales managers and their assistant were the victims. Every computer assembler was very angry on them also because of this order they haven’t sleep well in order to complete it. They know that the time is not sufficient to complete the consignment but because of bad manager leading they got fail. The bad manager deson’t like the fresher or good manager because of his family background and his color. He doesn’t want to share his power with other manager that’s why he made this plan.

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Effects on the Workplace

After this incident happened everyone was tensed along with me because it was the very first time when this kind of problem raised in the organization because Bad manager don’t like good fresher manager in the organization. The atmosphere of the organization was totally disturbed. Our Md was not present at that moment. He was out of county. I was very worried about how he will react when he come to know about it. Our organization was under the loss of 5 lacks rupees along with the penalty of rupees 2 lacks extra. Moreover the employees time got wasted and the 155 assembled computers were also useless now because these computers was assembles according to the requirement from the university. In order to sell them we need to reassemble the computers according to the clients requirements.

Employee Rights

After two days of this incident our Md came back. When he came to know about this loss he became very angry. He called the managers and their assistants and shout on them very badly because they were two who responsible for every task in absence of Md. During this talk he forgets the employee rights. The bad manager put all blame on good managers who went university for deal. Md of company started shouting on good manager and start blaming his parents because of poor background. If some have make the mistake then he/she is responsible for that not their parents. But the Md seems like he don’t care about that. Then he takes him out of his office and harassed him very badly in front of everyone. He abused him and use very wrong words for them in front of everyone. Md was totally out of his control. Also he cut the pay of good manager because of this matter. The good manager got less pay which was below the normal wage rate of manager. The Md wants to recover some money by reducing the pay of good manager. 1. The first human right violated there was based on family status. This is one that make all this loss happen. If good manager have some issue with new manager they can talk to each other and can solve the matter. 2. The second human right that violated was based on color. The new manager have black skin tone that’s was why this happened.


I suggest that there should be a proper way to do work in organization. If the workers have issue with each other they can solve the matter by sitting together or can take their matter to higher authorities. Making loss of organization just because of their own problem is not good. Also there should be a proper communicate between employees and higher authorities so that they can put forward their views in front of top level management. Interventions Intervention and Prevention strategies are made to control the violence at the workplace. There are number of ways to calculate the changes occur as we implement the intervention. First of all must take the feedbacks from the employees. If any problem is there can be resolved. There must be the friendly environment in the company so there should be no discrimination between employees and managers. Employees should feel free to talk to anyone. If any kind of dispute arise there is future with the management should take action by investing the real matter. All there should be policies or rules that should be followed by workers at all level with that the probability of work loss will decrease.


I learned allot in that company about the work condition and the problem that normally arise in organization. With some Human Resource Management we can decrease the amount of discrimination that normally happens in organization.

HRM is the most curtail wing of an organization. We can also say that HRM is the backbone of an organization. This department deals with the Recruitments in the or the person who wants to work for the organization.

13 January 2020

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