Relevance Of Title IX In Modern Society

Title IX was approved on June 23rd, 1972 of the Education Amendments and put into action. The official definition of Title IX is “No person in the United States shall, on the basis of sex, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any education program or activity receiving Federal financial assistance.” I believe title IX is still necessary as I think women should have just as much of a chance and funding as men should.

Some people do not think title IX is necessary anymore for Title IX is forcing more women sports teams than the Male sports teams. The reason for this is that if a boy football team has 60 guys and the girl team only has 25, which means the school would have to add more sports to even out the 60 guy roster and that could cost more money or it could shut down more clubs and programs. If Title IX is shut down in sports, people believe that it would only go down by 10. They claim this because there are so many groups supporting women's rights so if something goes down someone will fix it.

As some people believe that title IX is useless nowadays fewer people go to women's sports than men's sports it's a fact everyone knows that. I enjoy watching both genders no matter what the sport is. This is where we need Title IX still because people will lose interest in Women's college sports. If Title IX was not I think people would stop supporting women's college sports. Until the attendance of women and men's sports are the same Title IX should still be a present law.

Here is why Title IX is great a fact from the Women's Sports Foundation is that before Title IX one in 27 girls played sports today that number is two in five women play sports. From gymnastic to basketball, swimming etc., women started to dominate in those sports since Title IX. Hundreds of women have benefited from this law has there are women athletes who are better than men athletes.

Title IX has opened many more opportunities for women education. Men have always gotten way more scholarships than women for scholarships which uniformly I think that may still be true but ever since Title IX schools were able to fund for women scholarships to create more of an equal opportunity. Title IX has also benefited men as well, as for sports typically played by women are now giving the opportunities to men to play those sports.

Since Title IX economic classes have opened up for males and shop classes have opened up for females. Since Title IX male and females aren't forced to do jobs that are considered for your gender this allows schools to show the skills males and females have and can help them consider their future path. Because title IX males and females were pushed into a certain career of their gender. Anyone can pursue what they want to do in the future.

As for every topic, there is a con side of title IX which would make some people think title IX has caused more problems. In some cases programs are limited instead of accessing more to programs, money is still not funded in some schools, this has an opposite effect in coaching, and some schools have limit choices due to Title IX. Even with the cons of Title IX I still belive title IX is necessary in today’s world. 

16 August 2021
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