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Review Of The Book If Life Stinks Get Your Head Out Of Your Butt By Mark l. Wdowiak

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Motivational work If Life Stinks Get Your Head Out of Your Butt by Mark L Wdowiak, encourages the reader to actively take steps to make positive changes in his life. Presented in a straightforward manner as if the reader were at a seminar or conference, Wdowiak shares very practical and manageable advice to effectively redirect one’s life to success. Humorous anecdotes, raw honesty, and personality pour from the pages acknowledging the shortfalls and excuses that an individual often relies on to justify his lack of accomplishment in life.

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The presentation of the work is an effective tool to someone who requires and appreciates direct motivation to succeed. Wdowiak clearly states the negative excuses that an individual makes and tells the reader to stop and make an immediate change. Much of the advice shared seems like commonsense (which he acknowledges); however, often unrecognized by the individual. For example, early on in the work, the reader is asked to observe and analyze those which he surrounds himself. Are they successful? Are they motivated? Do they continue to take steps to succeed? The reader is then encouraged to acknowledge his answers and, if needed, take steps to remove these shortfalls from his life.

Another beneficial aspect to the work is the logical, intentional and strategic layout. The cohesiveness of the work gives the reader practical steps to take to begin his journey and also a confidence that the strategies are possible and success is attainable. Reading If Life Stinks Get Your Head Out of Your Butt requires that the reader be open and willing to take time to self-reflect and analyze his life in a raw and honest way. If the reader is not prepared to do this, then the reader is not ready to be successful.

As a person who recognizes the benefit of change and the effort change requires, I appreciate Wdowiak’s blunt honesty, straightforward approach, and practical advice. Additionally, the motivational anecdotes scattered throughout the work provide a memorable and simple phrase that summarizes the point or points of the chapter thus far. The research that went into the development of Wdowiak’s work is noteworthy. While he recognizes and shares the steps taken in his personal journey to a better life, he also utilizes many resources outside of his own experiences. The knowledge gathered not only presents a willingness to look beyond one’s own abilities, but also reinforces the need to learn from other successful individuals – which is one of Wdowiak’s key points. Furthermore, the compilation of resources and knowledge reinforces that success is not a new concept and that success requires a conscious effort. While there are no notable grammatical errors and the text appears to be professionally edited, I did note a slight change in a couple of chapters in tone and diction halfway through the book. Where the previous chapters use softer, humorous terms to refer to frustrations or relevant issues, part way through the text words like “pissed” and other colloquial slang are utilized instead. This change results in a crasser, unrefined impression of the work. Additionally, where the earlier chapters come across as very positive and encouraging, this slight variation in tone leaves a negative and agitated impression. Aside from the temporary diction and tone shift, If Life Stinks Get Your Head Out of Your Butt is well edited and formatted.

Overall, If Life Stinks Get Your Head Out of Your Butt by Mark L Wdowiak receives 4 out of 4 stars. His humorous approach to helping those who are stuck is both effective and encouraging!

15 July 2020

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