"The Truman Show" Review: A Dystopian Parable for the Digital Age

Once I asked one of my friends to write a review essay about the movie “The Truman show” and he said that this movie is from another dimension and when I watched it, I found his words are all true. The Truman show is not a typical general story that we see in all of the movies. It is a movie where you will find never ending suspense, it is a story which will lead you to another dimension, it is a story where you will learn that nothing is certain in life. What we seems to be true through our whole life, can be just but a lie. If someone asks me to define The Truman show in one word then I will tell him that the word is “Uncertainty”. There is another deep message in the movie and the message is simply “the power of media”.

In the movie the Truman Burbank has never left his home town Sea Heaven. What he doesn’t know that the environment he is living in is totally artificially materialized by some TV program producer and he is totally ignorant of the situation he is living on. His total environment is a lie but as he doesn’t know the reality. By this we find out that nothing is certain in life maybe the life we are living is also a lie in some point.

The acting performance of Jim Carrey is at its highest peak. I have never seen Jim Carrey to act good like this movie, in his any other movie. Jim Carrey acted Superb as Truman. He is so confident with his desires and personality and effortlessly conveying his fears. The entire cast seems enough to let audience know that they are “acting “for Truman but in some scenes let their original or genuine feelings shine through. Jim Carrey is comic, serious but was unworthy of pity.

The music and visuals maintained top quality. The cinematography has a reality TV feeling which is clever but not intrusive. The shot selection is amazingly good. Musically the movie is also superb.

The movie effortlessly combines everything a classic film should have. It has comedy, drama, strong character development, atmosphere, originality, superb visuals, a superb score, tight writing, and raises interesting moral questions as well as providing insight into the human condition. When one will watch he will wonder how a human would react when he will put in this type of situation.

The film is an absolute Gem. It is kind of a review that I don’t want to make spoilers but in this movie one will find out a message. Many messages actually which is really important. Like in life we face some situations where we find out the reality we are living in is a lie but if we want to get out of the reality which will be painful but through this we will receive salvation or freedom from God.

Another message what we will find in the movie is the power of media in our life. The media is playing a vital role in our life. It has already became an element by which we can create reality and through this influence peoples life. People normally don’t question media information. All they say mass people take that as true which later becomes their reality. So for media it is possible to make fake news or create fake reality easily. And people will enjoy that reality consciously or unconsciously. In the movie media created a fake reality show surrounding Truman’s life which Truman didn’t know that everything he is experiencing is manufactured by some TV program producers. He is actually living a fake reality. So media is powerful enough or have the power to control our reality that we experience in our life.

I have personally found the movie full of suspense, comic, dramatic and powerful with messages. I personally loved the movie very much.

09 March 2021
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