The Ethical Problems In The Truman Show

Truman in the Truman show had to deal with the dilemma of ethics vs law. In the movie, Truman is the lead actor in a 24-hour tv show. He is unaware of this and everything that he has come to know is fake. The entire senecio is ethically unsound. It is ethically unsound because its illegal and not right to have a person be lied to their entire life. Ever since Truman was a baby, he was filmed 24/7 by hidden cameras. His entire life and what he believed was real was a lie. This is real messed up. And not ethical whatsoever. Truman was lied to and that’s not okay. Although people got enjoyment from watching the show, the suffering Truman went through is unacceptable. It is unacceptable that society allowed this to happen in the movie.

The society in the movie did have thoughts that is was not okay, but they just brushed it by. The director had the choice to tell Truman the truth, but he decided to choose his personal greed over what was right. Even the actors that inhabited Truman’s world had the opportunity to tell him but nobody not even his best friend would tell the truth. His best friend even lies to him which is also unethical. The one girl did try to tell him, but they fired her before she could share this message completely. All these parties had the opportunity to tell Truman his truth, but nobody did. And the consequence of that was his life being a waste and all fantasy.

The factors that influenced the decision of not telling Truman were fans enjoyment of the show which is elfishness. And the cast, crew, and director’s greed. Core values also influenced the decision because everyone core values were completely out of touch. Also the social identify profile was also a huge factor that influences the decision of not telling Truman. This is because Truman’s mental needs were not satisfied because of what they did to him. He mentally suffered because of what they put him though.

At the end of the day it’s a movie but it demonstrated a great ideology. It shows that just because you can make money off something doesn’t mean its right. Also, just because lots of people find enjoyment from it, also doesn’t make it right. 

In conclusion this movie demonstrates a lot of ethical problems and I’ve learned a lot through researching ethics and writing this paper .

07 July 2022
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