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Review Of The Movie Night And Fog

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Night and Fog has got to be one of the most disturbing movies I have ever come across. The horrible abuse the Nazis caused six million Jews is heartbreaking. This film came off to be very extraordinary and thorough; it is extremely despairing, but also tremendously realistic. I chose this movie, wanting something that shows the truth, and this movie honestly did that. Night and Fog is a documentary, which reveals the depth of the cruelty that went on during the holocaust. As well as the policy of genocide, this was conducted by the Nazis during the Second World War.

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Throughout this film, the main focus is on the concentration camps. When the film starts, you see an empty land with overgrown grassy ground and bob wired fence, this is where the former concentration camps were located. The film tends to go from color to black and white. You get the feel of the past and the present. With the black and white footage, showing the past and the color footage- showing how it looks today. These images show the design and construction of the concentration camp buildings.

In the film, pictures are being shown on how the Nazis gathered the people to take into the camp. The instruments that played throughout the film helped me personally with the feel of the film. You have people, who were wrongly accused, caught in the act all make their way to the camp. The part that was chilling for me would be when I saw the people naked; they were being humiliated, shaved, tattooed, and numbered. All of them were just skin and bone which was so tough to watch. The film showed the conditions of prisoners and dead bodies in the camps. It was very sickening to see how Jews were treated and slaughtered: all because of the belief the Nazis had.

The Jews had to work outside, even when it was snowing. They worked when it was hot, causing them to be extremely dehydrated. It was so hard to hear that they had to pay for their own soup and spoon: which cost everything they made. The Jews did all they could, mentally, to survive. The spoons they made, they hid, they wrote notes, and most of all they thought of god. I can see why they did what they did; the Jews were trying to make the best of the situation they were in.

The Jews were so selfless during this time that they looked out after their friends who were worse than them. They did so by sharing food and by taking those close to death to the hospital. Those who were in the hospital were tricked into thinking that they were given the proper medicine, but they were better off where they were before. Still hungry, they ate the dressing that was meant to cover their wounds. In the end, they died a horrible death.

The concentration camp had millions of people imprisoned in them. By the end of the film, and what I have read prior to seeing this, half of them did not survive. You saw the recycling of Jewish human remains such as bodies made into soap. From my perspective, what I got from this film is the understanding as to why this film is named “Night and Fog”, it is because many of the deportees disappeared into the night and fog, never to be seen again.

Night and Fog to me personally is a great movie, the director did an amazing job filming, and sending a message across. The narrator did a great job telling the story. The film was hard to watch, the lives that were lost in that matter made me sad. No one deserves to die that way, none of the dead deserved to be thrown in a hole like that either. As good as this movie is I do not see myself watching it again. It was tough for me to understand why the Nazis felt this was right.

01 April 2020

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