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Review Of The Movie ‘Y Tu Mama Tambien”

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I haven’t seen many Mexican films in my life. But this is very different from the films I have watched previously. Not just in Mexican movie, so many times I’ve seen in different movies the director is really trying to tell a story but the actors are failing, or the actors are trying but the directors are failing to tell a story. But this movie had everything going for it. From the director Alfonso Cuaron to the actors, I fell like everyone gave their best.

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Carlos Cuaron and Alfonso Cuaron wrote a very good story which is believable and somewhat relatable. Chapter two of our textbook talks about theme and focus. And out of everything feel like this is a movie that is “focused on ideas”. The book gave us 7 categories of focus on ideas. A film might fall into one or more categories to be consider as a film that is focused on ideas. The categories are:

  1. Moral Implication.
  2. The truth of human nature.
  3. Social problems.
  4. The struggle of human dignity.
  5. The complexity of human relationships
  6. Coming of age/loss of innocence/ Growing awareness
  7. A moral or philosophical riddle.

I think the movie “Y tu mama Tambien” falls into couple of categories of focus on ideas. On surface level it is a light comedy movie about two best friends. They plan a road trip to an imaginary place just to get with Tenoch’s sister-in-law. The first categories the movie checks for me ‘coming of age’. It is obvious that the movie take place after the graduation of the two main characters.

Another instance we see that while the two main characters is joking about one another’s penis in the shower. There are many more incidences like this throughout the movie, but I think these are the once that established them to the audience and help the audience understand the main characters. Like I said it is a fun ‘on the road’ or a journey about self-discovery movie on the outside but the narrator beautifully describes their life. If we invest little deeper, we can see that this is also a movie about social problems and the complexity of human relationship. Tenoch is a son of a millionaire where in his party the highest authorities of the country come to attend and lives in a mention (typical millionaire family thing) and on the other hand Julio is from a lower-class family where his whole family lives in a typical middle-lower-class household. And throughout the whole film we get to know the characters and their actions that beautifully brings out their lifestyle.

The movie is sexually explicit time to time. I personally don’t like movies that is sexually explicit. As I usually like to watch movies with some friends with me. It often it can make you uncomfortable. But this movie brings out the social complexity with it’s boldness very well. I think this is why the name is a hit on my book too.

11 February 2020

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