Review Of Tiny Pretty Things By Sona Charaipotra & Dhonielle Clayton

Tiny Pretty Things by Sona Charaipotra & Dhonielle Clayton was about three girls who were competing against each other for the position of prima ballerina at the Manhattan Ballet School. Gigi the prima ballerina of the school, trying to defend her position from Bette and June, who both desire the position, in order to escape Gigi’s shadow, and the pain she had caused. Both Bette and June determined to take Gigi down, will not stop at nothing just because the pain she caused them.

Gigi, Bette and June were in high school, but they were not only competing for the prima ballerina place they were competing for a boy his name was Alec. Bette was his girlfriend when Gigi entered to the Manhattan high school he fell in love with her. His relationship with Bette was not going well so he broke up with her. Then he started talking to Gigi they went out to eat on Valentine’s day and he asked her out during the dinner. Bette found out that they were dating so she got really mad and she said to herself, that Alec was going to be her boyfriend again. She also said that Gigi’s life was going to be miserable because she messed with the wrong boy. In Tiny Pretty Things the literary conflict was person vs person because in the book it shows how Bette and Gigi are competing against each other for Alec and that had caused a lot of trouble.

They have hurt themselves physically and emotionally like for example Bette put a glass in Gigi's shoe and she hurt her foot and she even had to go to the hospital to have her foot healed and she did not practice for weeks. but one thing is that they have not competed just for Alec, they are also competing for the prima ballerina place. And it seems that is not going to be easy for them. If you are the person who likes the drama, romance, and gossip then, this book is for you!! this is the best book about drama, romance, and gossip if you like that kind of book, enjoy it. I would recommend this book to my friends Devora and Dalia because i know that they are gossips and they will love this book. I loved this book I had never read such a spectacular book of drama, romance, and gossip. I hope that the people who read this book enjoy it.

03 December 2019
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