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Safety Devices For Women To Avoid Crime

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Woman and a man have a set of intuitive needs that raise their behaviors. One of this crucial need, is the safety needs, and human will no longer shift to any other set of needs when safety need are not met yet when safety is not met properly, fear will occur. Anxiety of crime is employ with individuals’ income level, schooling level, race, age, period of residence, and most of all with their gender. However, gender consider the most reason why individual’s characteristics effect on fear of crimes. In actual life situation, women are more inclined and fearful to be victims of violent crimes than men.

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Women frequently report levels of fear of crime that are two to three times higher than men. Due to their fears and security anxiety, women and aged take extra precautionary behaviour and spend larger time in safer areas on the other hand than public areas and in return, they have much less risk of being victimized. Women hesitate to leave their house in a late hour and afraid of walking alone in a dark and quite place, because fear of crimes continues women off. Common assault, uttering threats, serious assault, sexual assault and criminal harassment are some of the many crimes women had experienced worldwide. Due to the fear of crime, women constraints their social lives. Such element as dressing style, arriving-departure hours to home, contacted people are repositioned with the aid of fears and in case of too a lot fear, and these elements are restrained. We can say that the world come to be risky especially for female in all aspects. To response in this sincere dilemma of the women’s security, abundant of inventions transpire in order to grant relief to a woman. With the availability and expanding of technologies around the world, we can initiate a device that will help woman to secure herself anytime of the day.

The typical device a woman can carry with her is a Smartphone, since it’s been part of human’s daily life. Device like Smartphone ought to help safety, however in real life when you were in difficulty the only thing you do is pull out your phone type a message then send to your friend which wasted your time and it will be too late to call for help. But with the advance technologies all things can be faster, less complicated and consequently save many lives. The present day trend of technologies is the used of Internet of things that is integrated through cloud computing. The Internet of Things (IoT) refers to the ever-growing community of physical objects that characterized an IP address for net connectivity, and the communication that takes place between these objects and other Internet-enabled devices and systems and it offer advanced connectivity of devices, systems, and services that goes beyond machine-to-machine (M2M) communications and covers a range of protocols, domains, and functions. Wearable technologies are networked systems that can accumulate data, track activities, and customize experiences to users’ needs and desires. These technologies are a subset of IoT, which consists of networked smart devices geared up with microchips, sensors, and wireless communications capabilities.

Internet of Things (IoT) arise the question of the opportunity and results of compromising such devices. Internet-based facts systems in which tagged traffic objects can be automatically represented, tracked, and queried over a network. The Cloud computing has long been considered as a model for huge information storage and analytics. Email account that is in Web-base like Yahoo Mail, Gmail is a cloud storage. Cloud storage offers better file accessibility, which the file stored in the Cloud can be accessed at anytime and anywhere provided you have the internet connection. The merging of Cloud Computing and Internet of Things (IoT) can allow everywhere sensing services and effective processing of sensing data streams beyond the capability of individual “things”, for that purpose stimulating improvements in both field. Cloud will empower Internet of Things (IoT) by imparting elastic computing power, storage and networking. The large data generated from IoT can be analyzed in the cloud with large data options to gain insights and patterns of utilization and conduct of machines and humans. . This is regarded as predictive cloud provisioning.

Tracking systems and Bio-loggers can contribute paramount information on the ecology and behaviour of birds in their usual environment. Miniaturizing tracking device is now trend in the world of electronics which should not affect the behaviour of birds. Others Global Positioning System (GPS) records the individual location to preempt in case of abduction or getting misplace. The system will determine the current location and status using Google Earth. With the innovation of IoT technology, most of the existing projects made in demand to woman security needs are now using IoT. The system of Stankovic is a computerized highly reliable women’s security gadget which contains the improved sensors implanted in a wearable dress. It includes of propelled sensors, GSM instrument which hold client below perception at all the time. It monitors the coronary heart beat-rate, temperature and vibration in the body through sensors to check for the uneasy circumstance. In such circumstance, it will initiate the GPS module to track the location of the woman.

Another system initiated by Shreyas focuses on self-defense and alert elements for women’s like an intelligent watch. The foremost objective of this system is to help with the aid of the technologies that are embedded into the intelligent watch. The intelligent watch contains three sub-modules namely, Sensing control Module, Control component Module, Transmission Module. In a Sensing Module consists of Emergency key and Voice Recognition Module in it. In a Control Module consists of ATMEGA328 Microcontroller and Power Supply unit. In a Transmission Module consists of LCD Module, GSM Module and GPS Module. These three sub-modules blended together to trace the user’s location in emergency situation and then send an emergency alert to their registered contacts. So that the intelligent watch would be beneficial to limit the crime rate against the women. Related mechanism generated by Dr. Sridhar Mandapati is a mobile primarily based women security software application (I Safe Apps). They created one utility for women security, which can be downloaded from Google play store and then installation into our mobile. First we have to register our contact list, which will receive our emergency message when we are in dangerous situation. Whenever we are in risky situation, we just simply hold the volume button of our mobile, it automatically send an emergency message to our registered contacts and also to the police.

Another system initiated by Mr. G. Rathi and B. Umadevi focuses on a security system that is designed to serve the purpose of providing security to the women so that they never feel helpless while facing such social challenges. An advanced system can be built that can detect the location and health condition of person that will enable us to take action accordingly based on electronic gadgets. GPS receiver, body temperature sensor, GSM, Pulse rate sensor and sound sensor. The idea to develop a smart device for women is that it is completely comfortable and easy to use as compared with already existing women security solutions such as a separate garment, bulky belts and infamous mobile apps that are just very abstract. The Smart band integrated with Smart phone has an added advantage so as to reduce cost of the device and also in reduced size. The GPS and the GSM can be used of a smart phone. This also enables in reduced power use and that it can be installed with Bluetooth 4. 0 BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) which comes in handy for several days on a single shot of charge. Also, a compact device made by Miss. Thaware and Basavaraj which resembles a normal belt consists of GPS/GSM modules and screaming alarm. This belt has a capability to calculate the location of the woman and send an SMS messages to the near pre-defined contacts by using GSM module, A buzzer which helps to feel the evildoer anxiety and to alert nearby people that there is someone in danger.

Another system designed by Shivam Bhatia is for woman safety device that is equipped in a bag or jacket (similar to a blazer for women) that is convenient to carry and has more features and function. It uses pushbutton as a primary trigger to send all the data automatically to the nearby police station and family. It sends the location of the victim and SMS to the numbers that already stored in microcontroller memory. Another device called “FEMME” that was invented by Monisha is designed for women that can be brought to an end of crimes against women. The device makes use of ARM controller and android software in which both the device are link each other with the assist of Bluetooth that can be precipitated independently. The device has a capability to document audio for further investigation and can send SMS message automatically to the pre-contacts, and video recorder that archives the entire incident which can be beneficial for police to find the crime investigation.

M. Pradeep women safety device added some features that makes completely unique to others, aside from GPS/GSM module, Cameras, Alarms, Tilt sensor (Heart beat and Temperature measurement), it has an Acid detector. Acid sensor is a device that detects gas which is totally useful when in times of gasses leakag. Dongare proposed a gadget to protect women with a voice keyword recognition, the user can activate the app functionality even the mobile is locked. The GPS module tracks the exact location of the user in longitude and latitude and sends the pre-stored emergency message. The audio recorder will start to record the conversation for five minutes for further investigation and the user will receive a notification that the message successfully deliver. However Bhardwaj innovate the system of Dongare by his proposed women security device called as “Suraksha” which is an easy to operate device. This system can be activated through- voice command, Press a switch key and shock (i. e. when the system is thrown with force, a pressure sensor used to activate the device). In emergency scenario it will send the message including immediately location to the police, through the transmitter module and registered numbers by using a GSM module. It can play a major role in the propose projects where all the police stations are connected and share the criminal records, crime investigating cases etc. While Bhilare focus on the device that can be used to deal with the problem of security issue of women employees using GPS and GSM based vehicle tracking. Due to most cases such as rape by drivers or colleagues, burglary etc. , employee security, especially women employee has become increase. The device initiate through emergency button that can be easily press by the women employee. The emergency button is connected to the Teltonika device. The installation of Teltonika device is necessary for the vehicle as the system relies in the data it gets from the device. The information of vehicle position provided by the device can be viewed on Google maps using Internet or specialized software with the combination of the GPS and it provide alert and messages.

Another system proposed by Baishya, an android application for women security. The uniqueness of this application apart from other SOS application available is that the user need not spent time navigating inside the phone menu; unlock the screen, to trigger the service. He instead, can directly press the power button and thereby, popping up a SOS screen and user can directly click the SOS button triggering the application in the background, sending the location (latitude and longitude) to all the preregistered phone numbers in the application. Many applications available in the market send a custom message to the number registered but not the location of the user. In this application the longitude, latitude information and the general idea of the place of the current position of the mobile user is appended with the custom message that had been initially set in the application and is transmitted to the phone numbers registered. This feature of the application not only helps in finding the exact location of the person in problem but also will help the police to trace the location of incident at latter time easily. The idea and technologies utilize in initiating those women safety devices mentioned above also can be practice in other application. Such as Home Security System, with increasing number of theft incidents. Home Security System using IoT informs the user about an attempt of intrusion endeavor at home through a message and a feedback SMS triggers an alarm in the house. Vehicle Tracking System the security of vehicles is essential for public vehicles. The location of vehicle can be identified with the help of the Global Positioning gadget (GPS) and the Global system mobile communication (GSM). GSM & GPS systems continuously watch a transferring Vehicle and report the status on demand. When theft identified, the accountable person send SMS to the microcontroller, then the microcontroller will trouble manipulate sign to cease the engine. Authorized person want to send the password to the controller to restart the vehicle and then open the door. This will be more secured, reliable and low cost.

Moreover, Patrick W. Malone and Jeffrey M. Smith patented a device called purse equipped to disperse pepper spray and air siren. The spray and siren implanted inside the purse that can be easily activated by depressing the primary triggering device (pushbutton) located in the purse handle. This purse design to look like an ordinary fashionable purse for women. This purse will be effective in the range of six to eight feet, and by this the perpetrators will not notice this purse from the ordinary one. Another system by Mohana Priya. P, Varshini. M, and Anitha. T is a handheld electrical weapon for women. The purpose of their study is to design an electric gun through which attacker experience major involuntary muscle contractions. By this, the perpetrators will resist their movement in a period of time. This system used RFID, GPS and GSM module of monitoring and tracking system.

In real life, being safe and secure is the insistence of the day. Women suffering violation are even denied of the basic human rights. Gender based violence has become a national as well as international agenda because of decades long struggles by civil society accompanied by women’s movements. Though there are unprecedented numbers of laws against domestic violence, sexual assault and other forms of violence in each and every country to protect their female citizens to become a victim of any such violence but they are facing major challenges in implementing such laws. The defence strategy used by women needs to be revolutionized by adopting modern technology and gadgets to protect them from oppressor.

The existing project mentioned above greatly help grant women demand in security and welfare. Our effort in this research project is to initiate a device which is so compact in itself that grant protection for women security system. The problems of the existing women safety devices are bulky and usually used pushbutton as the primary triggering device which may cause unintentional and unnecessary pressing in it. Also, the existing women security device used GPS to track the position of the woman but when a woman is inside a closed area like house and building the GPS can’t have the access to the woman since those area don’t have direct access to the satellite. In other words, GPS is inaccurate when the user is inside a closed area.

In our proposed women safety device, we will replace the used pushbutton with the fingerprint sensor to even more personalize the device to the owner and to avoid the unnecessary incident. We add the concept of GPS triangulation to locate the woman even if she is inside the house or building. This idea will compromise with most of the demanding issues faced by women and will help them to be secure. This device provides immediate action in time of women’s conflict and will decrease the crime rates against them.

01 April 2020

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