Speech Of Haymitch Abernathy In Hunger Games

The Capitol, the audience and the tributes, I greet you all. It is with great honor that I welcome all of you to The Hunger Games. I am Haymitch Abernathy. Who would have guessed we would have a “star-crossed lovers” situation? Ladies and gentlemen this is going to be by far the most exciting match ever. Love and war in the same ground. It is like watching a beautiful pony left alone and scared in a dark, cold forest full of terrifying wild animals barking and growling from all directions. What are the chances that a competitor will make it out alive? Will this love survive? Tonight The Hunger Games will evoke emotions like never before.

In a setting where love was created, hearts will be broken, distrust and despair will be the order of the day in this unending feud. Love ought to be the last thing one should feel on this ground since there is no room for none. However, love is an emotion that cannot be controlled and Katniss and Peeta could not control it either. It binds them like prisoners in handcuffs.

Katniss and Peeta are tributes who are going to make the time you have invested in this match worth it. They have brought the most captivating and the greatest twist of events for this event. Forget about all the other contestants, no offense but these two have the most excellent reason to fight to the death. The answer to this question is the idea that comes from the heart. What greater motivation is there than the life of a loved one? My prophetic sense is telling me that Katniss and Peeta will be the last people standing. Let us all embrace this twist and watch how it brings a whole new experience for all of us. Let us all support them.

To you, my esteemed residents of the Capitol, I urge you to support Katniss and Peeta during this match for it will be a great motivation for them. Remember, they will be at their best when they are highly motivated.

It is my belief each, and every one of you here wants to watch how a great love story gets to unfold in the midst of an ongoing war.

No one can resist, the adrenaline rush that comes when love and death come knocking simultaneously on the same ground. The moral, financial and friendly support provided by you will give the participants and audience something exciting to look forward to because they will witness a match like no other. An event drove by passion and the desire to be each other’s hero. Your support will boost their chances of survival, and the audience will get to see the aftermath of this love when everyone else has fallen.

With all that said, I can assure you we are all in for a treat but only if we give Katniss and Peeta the best fighting chance by supporting them. I hope that all of you will enjoy the twist and turns of the game. To the participants who will lose their lives today, may you find unending peace and may it be in a perfect resting place. Thank you for listening and now let the games begin and may the odds be in our favor.

10 September 2019
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