Stracker - A New Application To Solve The Problem Of Lost Things

Stracker - Not your ordinary Sticker!


In this era of modernisation, it is undeniable that people are more focus on their career and tend to become nonchalant on their belongings. People usually do not have the idea where do they lose their belonging or may not even notice when do they lose it. With the current public security, this makes the process of recovering or tracking of your lost items even harder. This lead to serious consequences on an individual.

Belongings such as technological gadgets oftenly topped among the list and it contains too much of personal data and information on our daily life. With these information on the hands of syndicates, it might cause a relatively greater loss on a particular such as loss of banking information, privacies, and the misuse of personal identity for scamming purposes.


From the survey of Pixie Lost and Found conducted in October 2016 using the world’s largest panel provider, Survey Sampling International over the Americans. The result concluded that average American spent 2.5 days each year on searching their lost items and this number summed up a 2.7 billion replacement cost annually.

The results also shows that losing items have a major impact such as frustration and late for work due to their precious time spent on searching for their lost belonging. As a result, it is clearly to be seen how severe losing belongings to an individual. The problem that many people faced is that they do know the consequences of losing things but forgetful and being not alert on their belonging is an intuitive reaction and there is no better way to solve it.


The main objective of this proposal is to introduce the brand new tracking accessory, Stracker, which is more portable and user friendly compared to the traditional tracker gadgets. Stracker is an ordinary sticker but with built in GPS chipset. It uses the GPS chipset in the sticker to locate the sticker and users can track the location from the Stracker Application available in the mobile devices. Stracker is available in varieties of dimension such as 1cm x 1cm, 2cm x 2cm, 1cm x 2cm and 3cm x 3cm. It has a thickness of 1.5mm and weighs less than 5g. Underneath the sticker it has a strong layer of adhesive and can be stick on any surface.

The top layer is a layer of water resistant coating that prevent the sticker from wear and tear. In addition, it can act as a decoration as user can customise the appearance of the sticker with pictures they like.


Stracker can benefit everyone in the world, with its portable feature. It allows the consumers to ensure that their belongings are all up with this tracker which at the same time does not ruin the original features of their items. As what the name goes, stracker can be pasted on any belongings that you valued and afraid of losing it.

Besides, stracker is not easily identifiable as it looks like an ordinary sticker with pictures on it that can prevent syndicates to remove it on purpose. With the application available on any of your device, users could also easily keep an eye and access to every single of their belongings. ImplementationIn order to produce this product we will require the following:

  • Collaborate with research and development team specialising in microelectronics field to work on producing a thinner GPS chipset.
  • Work with StickerHD company to improve the water proving properties of stickers. Costs or Budget R&D $1000 GPS chipset $15 Waterproof stickers $3 Sticker Printing Service $3 Total $1021


Being non alert and forgetful is an intuitive reaction of human and it is unpreventable. Stracker can be a solution to this phenomenon. With Stracker, people can easily track their belongings whenever they lose them and therefore they no longer have to worry about losing their things and life could be more efficient.

03 December 2019
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