Super Hero Movies Slated To Come Out

During the past couple of years DC and Marvel have definitely gained a larger following than ever before. There has also been an increase in the production and release of Super Hero movies. This is stirring up excitement and curious minds to many of the loyal fan base. People are waiting in anticipation for sneak peaks and featured movie previews that are set to be released in 2019. Since Disney purchased Marvel Studios nearly a decade ago, this powerhouse is creating a large universe that's evolving with the filming of many exciting films that are sure to grab your full attention and keep you entertained with action and powerful characters. Let's read on further to check out some of the action packed Super Hero movies aimed to be released and coming out soon and what their all about.

Dark Phoenix (February 14th 2019)

Featured out of the X-Men Universe Sophie Turner will star in this action packed film as Jean Grey playing a Super-villain in this American Super-Hero movie. The story will be set back in time 25 years ago to the mid 1990's. Dark Phoenix is the upcoming sequel to X-Men's Apocalypse. Jean Grey takes off on her mission to space to make a rescue, before almost being wiped out and killed by being hit by a mysterious cosmic force. She realized that she was abundantly more limitless and powerful upon returning back home, although more precarious. Fighting with this creature inside her, Jean Grey discharges her limitless powers in unimaginable ways that she cannot understand or control. Feeling confused and out of control, even disappointing and hurting her loved ones, she soon begins to discover the framework that grasps and holds the X-men together. With her family in shambles, the goal was to bring them back together to salvage Jean's conscience. By doing so, she would rescue the planet from resident aliens invading who try to rule the galaxy by attacking the force.

Captain Marvel (March 6th 2019)

Captain Marvel is an adventure packed science fiction based moving starring one of the universe's most powerful Super-Hero's Carol Danvers. The theme features Earth being entangled in the midst of a colossal war in the middle of two extraterrestrial races. Positioned in the early 1990's Captain Marvel is a fresh new escapade envisioned from a never before seen moment in the entire past of the Marvel Universe. This movie features have stirred up commotion upon anxious Marvel movie fans and awaits a powerful influx of movie goers to stir up some excitement for this feature film. Featured to be released in late Winter of 2019, critics can't wait to see what adventure and thrill this movie packs.

11 February 2020
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