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Surrealism In Salvador Dali's Artwork

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At the mention of the word surrealism, the name that often comes to mind Salvador Dali. Salvador Dali’s life’s work centers on the use of surrealism to express himself in what we might call an unusual way. Dali remains one of the most controversial and paradoxical artists of the 20th century. Dali broke all conventions both in life and with his art as he was fascinated by the theoretical work of the great Sigmund Freud, who shaped the world of psychoanalysis. Freud stated that the human brain can be said to be in two parts, the un-conscious and the conscious. Therefore, it became Dali’s belief that Freud discovered that the human mind is full of secret codes hidden in drawings, waiting to be psycho-analyzed. Upon the use of this method realized dreams and imaginations hidden in his un-conscious mind and through it gave the world a different perspective of art works. By using optical illusions to give objects and arts multiple interpretation like can be seen in his work of 1938 ‘The Apparition of face and a fruit dish on a beach’. A fantastic painting which showed his metamorphic, surprising juxtaposition of objects as seen through his surrealistic eyes. Being obsessed with food, eggs, cheese, lobster, fruits, gave birth to most of his paintings taking form from them. Salvador Dali clocks, which happens to be one of his most celebrated art work ‘The Persistence of Memory” was inspired by the sight of cheese being melted in the sun. Also is the lobster which became one of his most used motives, this can be seen in the painting of the Lobster Telephone in 1938.

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Dali saw jokes in opposing objects bearing revealing secrets, desires of the un-conscious like the wearing of the furniture – Nutrition of 1934 often called the Dislocation. His wild style and matching personality gave Dali a seat among legends like Picasso and Matisse. One cannot over emphasize the impact Salvador Dali paintings made in the art industry, although much conflicts and controversies revolves around and the work he created, although many still appreciate his work and visions, in fact, opened in different locations are museums which celebrates the artist and which showcases quite a few of Salvador Dali paintings. During an interview by Wallace he said ‘the difference between me and Surrealism artists is that I am a Surrealist’. This he went further to showcase by everything he ever did. Through his work, Salvador Dali used the art and demonstration of Surrealism to communicate his deepest thoughts and struggles, also being aware of his un-conscious mind, used the art through his surrealistic eyes to express an unbelievable visions, which got the attention of his audience. This got a lot of people interested in his works. The name Salvador Dali has grown to be appreciated in the art industry and therefore is an icon, like he said, ‘I will never die’. So his name lives on long after his gone through his unique style of living.

31 October 2020

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