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Taboo Hidden Culture Of Red Light Area By Fozia Saeed: Sexual Harrasment Of Women In Pakistan

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In this novel Fozia Saeed present the causes, incidents, effect of red light area. She also throw light on the condition of women and girls working in that particular area, Whom are force to stay in in that area which is known as Shahi Mohala. She also discusses sexual harassment which is done by the males. She also described the circumstances of the different women by whom they force to adopt this kind of profession and stay here till death.

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The reason for this society never gives any chance to become Nobel women. Society is become unfavorable in this matter. The big reason for this, the police which is deputed to eradicate sexual harassment start work for safe guard of the men who come here to perform sexual activity with the women. She also throws a light on the condition of men who works as musician for the women who perform the dance in front of men. They came here to see the dance and listen the songs sung by them. We can also told by her novel about some girls who are cheated by their false lover. They force them to run away from their parents’ home with money and ornaments. When the money and ornaments come to end they sold them in this bazar to get money. These women are forced to work as sexual worker. If they refuse to perform these kinds of activities they are beaten badly and locked them alone in a room. Sometimes they gives threat them if they do not obey their orders like ley would be murdered if they aren’t going to do what they want. The female offspring of women who are stayed in the bazar are not allowed to leave this bazar, if they tried to leave this red light area, what if they are succeeded in their attempt, they are chased by the men with the help of police. Police are given money by them for these services.

She also throws a light on the condition of their healthy condition. She tells us that they are indulged in many kind of sexual disease and they become the mean of spreading them among the man who come to near them. There are many educated women working in that red light area. Among them she belonged to a family which is stayed here for a long time. She told that she was forced to stay in this profession. When she refused to do such a thing she was caught by police. They also forced her to do this kind of job. Otherwise they made such conviction against her who she never committed in her life. When she asked for help from the men who came in the shahi mohalla. They refused bitterly and said she is belongs to this bazar and she is never allowed to leave this place. The author tells a story about that girls who are allowed to get education from school and colleges but not allowed to show their identities like their belongingness to that particular area. Well they are not allowed to take their education seriously because they have to work in that so called particular area. They are allowed to choose their dancing partners in those places where these kind of parties are arranged but they are not allowed to stay away from their houses. They are even not allowed to take the relationship seriously with their dancing partners. Sometimes they are forced to take part in those kind of parties which are arranged secretly and forced them to perform adulteration.

The services of women are remarkable for film world of Pakistan. They provide many of the film stars they gave many magnificent film which got remarkable success in the world. This bazar provide great musician to film world. Film star neelo zamurad sabiha naeer sultana, anjuman and many other are belongs to this area. Some people who work as an agent are called Kanjar. They work as a middle man between customer and women. They are respected in that mohalla. If they make successful relation between the customer and the women they are granted commission. Sometimes they taken commission from both sides. When they become senior they force the women to give him large amount. If she refused to give him his share they enforced her and otherwise they informed the police about some allegation. The police rated on the kotha and arrested spectators and the women. The police demanded the rishwat if they do not give rishwat they write FIR against them and present them in front of judge and asked him to give them punishment and sent them to the jail. The women who are performing dancing are called Dancer. They performed three kind of dances. The dancers are called mujra khattak and bhnagra. The dance is chosen on the likeness or demand of spectators. Commonly mujra is performed in shape of groups for this purpose a song is chosen which is sung by many of the singers. The khatakl dance is performed in solo. And it is performed on the classical songs and he classical instruments are used to play the tune of the song. Third kind of dance is performed in shape of groups but it is usually performed in parties and in celebrations. It is also liked by the spectators on kotha where three or four performed it.

The art of dancing and music are now acknowledge by the government and they are given the education in national college of arts and crafts at degree level but the government is not ready to give respect to the artist who performed it in Shahi mohalla the ustaad and musician complained against the double standard of the government. They also criticize the government policies according to this matter. The government wanted to promote the film industry and also culture but when the workers of this industry especially women. He didn’t try to fulfill his demands. The government also demands heavy taxes from studio owner. He also do not give any facility to make arrangements for releasing these films in other countries or worldwide. The author describes the daily routine work of family who settle in shahi mohalla. They prepared their food in the morning. Mostly they prepared for the whole day. The male members of the family are done their jobs who compelled in their home for doing their business in the night. The male member like son and brother do not do any job all the day they waste their time, sitting in the shops ideally when they are asked and forced them to do some kind of job they leave the family and indulged in unlawful activities and sometimes they are ruined by the police and killed themselves. The female for example “Pami” is very expert in household jobs they have three rooms apartment the two rooms are used by the family and one is used for the business. Pami mother behave with the customer are not so friendly but she behaved with her very nicely. The ustaad have to perform different kind of job. He have to trained the girl and women for dancing and singing. They also have to trained the men who wanted to learn music for performing in kotha. They also have to look after the gathering on the kotha. They also have to look after the activity of the spectator not to be cross the limits. When they tried to do so they used force to eradicate them and repel them from the kotha. In other words they are custodian of the gatherings. The ustaad takes part only in musical activities they do not take part in prostitution activities against the women. Shahi mohalla has produced many famous ustaad for example, Baray ghulaam ali, ustaad amanat ali, ustaad fathey ali khan. They are famous all over the world. Their services are also recognized by the government and they are given award of “tamgha e hussney kar kardegi”. Some of the women who are became highly educated taken music education from these ustaads. They have performed on different electronic media and become famous in the country and in the world.

The government has established academy of performing arts where these ustaad’s given their services to educate the new generations. They have produced any famous artist in the different field of music and art. They are also invited in different kind of gatherings on different occasion’s to show their performances.

18 March 2020

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