Take The Risk Or Lose The Chance: The Importance Of Risk Taking In Life

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“The biggest risk is not taking any risks, In a world that changes very quickly, the only strategy that guarantees failure is not to take risks. ” Mark Zuckerberg Taking risks in life seems very scary, because we face the unknown and many times we are afraid of failure, but believe me there is no worse failure than not trying and being in our comfort zone, because we deprive ourselves of many of the fabulous opportunities we would enjoy if we decided to take a chance and try new things, that is why one of the worst places to be as a human being is in the comfort zone. First and foremost, taking risks can be fun and a memory of a lifetime, but they can also be the worst thing you’ve ever done, so whatever risk you choose to take, don’t ever consider ones that you can get hurt from, whether it is a risk that gives bodily harm or mental harm, so… don’t take this risk.

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On the other hand, Willingness to take risk is a great habit that leads to success, but risking to do something you’ve never done is scary because the fear of the unknown, No matter how calculated the risk is, there is always a possibility that you fail. If you are taking a calculated Risk you would know the worst case scenario and you will stay prepared for that. But the great thing is that you can have amazing benefits as well that you might never get without taking the risk. Other than this, you get a thrill as well with risk that makes your life exciting. This probable failure can prevent many people from trying, The truth is that regardless of whether you risk and fail or succeed, you will always learn valuable lessons, but you should always take an acceptable risk, you’ll have be courageous enough to do something new in your life without thinking about failing, because to fail is to avoid taking the risk.

So, there is a reward for being bold and if you do decide to take a risk, you always have weigh out the pros and cons, and see for yourself whether it is worth it. Why is it important to take risks? What tends to make you take more risks can be different for everybody; the comfort zone is that place where you are safe and be average, if you decide to take a risk, whatever it is you can stand out among your friends and co-workers and achieve much more than others, In a few words you will distinguish yourself from others. Trying something new for the first time will definitely be very scary, but the first step is to trying It doesn’t matter if you fail or not, since overcoming your fear will be your first success and you will feel wonderful, this is enough reason for you to prepare for the next risk.

Life is about taking chances, when you have tried something new and it works for you, your confidence level will automatically increase and even give you the momentum to keep trying new things, but only when you can say the risk I took was calculated. Resilience is the ability to adapt and overcome adverse situations; that is, even if you make a mistake you will keep trying because you decided to take a risk and try something you are not used to, but you always wanted to do, and that is how your confidence will increase… always giving a shot and trying whatever you’re afraid off.

Taking risks in life has an unpredictable result, so it doesn’t matter if you fail, since you will have valuable lessons to learn from each experience, which will always prepare you for the next challenge. Remember the saying: ‘Experience is the best teacher.’ By trying things that you are not accustomed to, it will make your brain find new ideas on how to handle various situations and come up with a solution on the spot; therefore your brain will start thinking in a different way and will always be ready for a new challenge. The more challenges and unique experiences you go through in life, the more powerful your brain will be to solve problems.

The risk taker personality will expose you to new challenges in life; this will help you learn how to overcome these challenges, which will allow you to have access to new opportunities, experiences and people. Your brain is very powerful, did you know that The average power consumption of a typical adult is 100 Watts and the brain consumes 20% of this making the power of the brain 20 W, the only person who can set limits is yourself, by taking risks you will open your mind to new creativity you did not know you had, it will allow you to create a new vision of life and how far you can go. According to a survey from 2013, around 65 percent of Americans believe that we only use 10 percent of our brain. But this is just a myth, according to an interview with neurologist Barry Gordon in Scientific American. He explained that the majority of the brain is almost always active.

When you discover what you really want, when you have succeeded you will find out if it was worth trying, if it’s not, you have the opportunity of finding out what could’ve been a disaster for you. If you are an entrepreneur, risk taking in business is closely linked with entrepreneurship, leaving a steady-paying job to start your own business is a risk of itself and often, requires a substantial amount of money, If your product or service has never been on the market before, you also put your reputation at risk. Risk helps to distinguish between leaders and followers, generally speaking entrepreneurs take risks as it allows them to distinguish themselves from their competitors. In the competitive business environment that exists today, those who are willing to risk position themselves as leaders, while others get left behind in their comfort zone.

What is calculated risk in business? A high chance of exposure to loss might happen, after its advantages and disadvantages have been carefully weighted and considered, many business operators need to take a calculated risk to expand their business activities into a new competitive arena. Should I take chances in life? If you ever want to achieve the life you’ve always dreamed of, you’ll have to start taking positive, calculated risks and It’s absolutely necessary to take chances to achieve anything great in life, however many are scared to take the initial leap. As with any risk, there is always something at stake.

Taking the risk of trying what you’ve always wanted is the first step to feeling alive, ask yourself: what have I always wanted to do? Believe me the only way to live life to the fullest is to do what you love. As you may have noticed, there are many benefits you will have if you decide to take risks in your life, as Mark Zuckerberg would say: “The biggest risk is not taking any risks. In a world that changes very quickly, the only strategy that guarantees failure is not to take risks.” With fear of the unknown, taking risks offers you the opportunity to learn, You don’t know whether the risk that you take is going to pay off in the way you want it to or not, and to be honest that’s what we are all scared of, But the wonderful thing about it is, you will be wiser none the less.


It’s important to understand that by not taking risks, we might end up losing once in a lifetime opportunities, Therefore you need to stop over-thinking of what might go wrong and concentrate on where you want to be. Focus on the advantages of risk-taking in a business, incremental changes can happen following the safest path too, taking a risk does not automatically ensure success but, you would learn new skills, You will feel better about yourself because you are trying something outside your comfort zone, You could be wildly successful. Don’t think about how uncomfortable you will be, or that you’ve never tried this before, or that you don’t think you can do it. Without taking risks you’ll ever know your true potential, it’s possible that the only thing that prevents you from reaching your goals in life is fear, Conquer that fear and you will benefit from all the rewards you will get by taking risks in life. If you add risk to existence, the entire equation changes: … you are experiencing, learning and living … take a risk take a chance make a change.

14 May 2021

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