The Role of Risk Taking and Planning in Achieving Success

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The need of achievement plays primary role on today’s people in some field such as life of education, business career etc. This attitude forces people to take an action what time is to decide on. If one desires success in whole life, risk taking and planning are both important. However, I strongly believe that plannig the future is more significant issue in comparison of risk taking in what ways are education and work life.

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On the one hand, having dedicated plan about future is, maybe, one of the most remarkable resaon for the success in education. To begin with, successful means to gain or achieve something. In educational life, success has tremendous impact on one’s life, not olny on educational period but also on working career. To make a plan of student life is very critic decision because, success does not come immediately, it comes with hard-working, ambitions, concentration. Those are generated and formed by a goal which one has focused and in order to achieve this goal, a person plans his future. For example, one desire to attend a university in Turkey and he is aware that university admission exam must be taken. All students knows that if a student who does have a strategy on what to study and how to raise true answer in exam, the result of exam will be indispensably failed. Totally, successful studentship requires strategic plan in comparison of risk taking.

In addition to plannig studentship, business career is also primart and noteworthy issue by plannig future. One’s business life is not less important by taking risk spontaneously, so it should be significantly planned for better future career. Education is also one of the most important steps to begin plannig. It is crucial which department and school is better one’s planned business because universities are distinguished between them on sectoral basis. To exemplify, in turkey, one want to study at the department of business administration, and it is well-known that Bogazici University is the best university on this field. To be aware of it and have planned is significant , remarkable reason of the success because of the fact that a student’s success who has focused and motivated based upon his plannig would be excepted. Ultimately, being successful in working life is to have a plan.

In a nutshell, when all the specific reasons and relevant examples are considered and evaluated, it can be obviously concluded that success brings along with a plan in terms of plannig of educational life and business career need a planned aim.

07 April 2022

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