The Analysis Of The Film Metropolis

In this essay we are going to learn about the movie metropolis and based on the public psyche theory. Metropolis was released on January 1927, for the people of Germany. And it was directed by Fritz Lang, it was the first science fiction movie in the history of movie making and this movie is focused on the difference between the two different class like working class and the wealthy class who influence the city and who spoil the city.

This film has made many German stars at the time who are Alfred Abel and Brigette Helm as there was a quarrel going on between them is separate with relative story of unfolding. The story revolves around a mad scientist who created an android out of love and desperation which drives the scientist to use the robot against his men and was creating a bloodshed and started the revolt.

Any movie can be analysed in different types of perspectives and it can be anything like personal or social or political. Everything revolves around the reflection of your own self. The director of the movie was a trained painter and a graphic artist, and he is an all rounder in different professional fields like acting, writer, architecture and direction. He thought of making a film by making a connection between robot, art and human which was the main theme, and which had addressed many theories.

It is also a personal interest on mine because in those days a person who has tried to make a movie based on science fiction and made it successful and it is been a surprise that without the power of technology like we have now it is impossible to make such a movie that has different made people think about science and also the director had made it possible by having different camera styles and technical practices.

Although “Metropolis” is based on through the lenses of the social and political with a significant theme that became much more apparent throughout the movie and the struggle of Freder’s search of a personal voice and the difficulties between the hunt of an individual voice and the tension of getting hold to the voice which he expected in the articulated values of the family and the society which values more.

In the movie the important shot was shot in the Frederson’s office and had kept items for display in the machine hall. There is scene where the scene was like the shot looking outside the window of Joh Frederson’s office, seeing the majesty of the city and here there was a association of models, paintings which were made up for the a imagination the city in the future. The time-period in the story was breath taking and the story was so good and beautifully written by Lang. this was the first film and he was the first director to think about the futuristic story with a robot and the model or the painting of the city which would be in the future and he was so fond of it.

Today there are many kinds of movies like that, but everything today is done because of the strong grip of the technology, but in that period the grip of the technology was not to good, but he made the movie by believing on himself and the art skill. This made him to make the movie about the human and technologies. The story of metropolis is a movie which shows a woman through femininity, the use of technology and sexuality this fiction movie is a movie of trademark movie and it is a futuristic technology of fear and fantasy and fascination with the technology. Lang has connected the movie with the relationship between the female sexuality, male oriented vision and the flow of technology.

The movie was totally influenced by the German expressionism in the cinema and by the end of the 18th century the cinema had ways to express the issues that were relevant to the culture and the society and it was by combining both art and technology. The German Expressionism had made a great impact on the films after the post-world war I. As per German Expressionism was that the cinema was highlighted with the expressions of the character and the emotional content and the state of mind. I

t was the filmmakers who made the story with more exaggeration, violence and a distortion with the sharp camera angles and the shadows painted with a radical type of a landscape which make a good disturbing visual characteristics representation on the screen. Although the search of voice by Freder was not completed and the tensions were more of pursuing a unique and individual voice and the expected voice was not yet found.

But Freder’s search had made inter-relating connections with his personal history and it was because of the loss of his mother was had died when he was born, and he made dissident against his brutal and a cold-blooded dictating father, and he maintained a good relationship with his co workers as his brothers and the and his fascination with the human robot interaction and he also had a great respect towards the achievements of his father on the field of architecture, but finally he started to think about his search for his love

When the movie Metropolis was released a theorist named John Dewey had started arguing that people have sense on the, but every action are belonged to the public and the private context which can have an indirect effect on other by any ways. As per Dr. Kracauer’s public psyche theory in the movie ‘From Caligari to Hitler’ which was released in (1947) had made a detailed explanation on the relationship with the film-society, he says the uniqueness of the inner working class of the society and he also says that there is no more way to find out a film of that period where we can get a better understanding than the personal, social, political and the history of it.

There are other medium of communication like the radio broadcast, news, and other advertisements which relate the context to the lives of people with their culture and the behaviour of them, but film is denser that it gives a meaning to the thing that are been screened. For Kracauer the movie has made an impact of a special and a deeper level of effect because of its mechanical process involved in it and allowing it to capture the emotions and the feelings in a so called collectively and more intensely.

The movie Metropolis is a film of growing realization of the major Germany ‘s industrial entrepreneurship and which also gave the explanation for the public which are the upper class in general. In Metropolis the representation of the characters in the film like the human-robot like monster with no immortal features and a temperature scale and a clock which displays a total span of life it has. And the movie does not bring any kind of value to the public, but it shows the final goal of chaos and death to the people.

Each and every person have the power of technology and to operate the M machine which goes around the clock and which appears in a small and irrelevant of the next the power and the upper class are the most who are able to hold the power of technology and the work flow of the support which they get by the technology, but it depends on who’s control the technology is in. Lang’s has completed an overblown, mystic-mythical iconography is underpinned by fables offering proto-fascist solutions to economic and social crises. Human relation revolves on power, control and domination and the individual is a mere puppet of hostile forces, malevolent tyrants, master criminals or super-spies from Kracauer “From Caligari to Hitler”, 1947.

03 December 2019
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