Analysis of the Film "DeathTroll & Hunter" By Andre Ovredal

DeathTroll and Hunter is a Norwegian based film which was written by Andre Ovredal. Death is a pure risk which prompts the investigations which was undertaken by the students. The key causes of death in this context is pursuit for truth like a child never stop to seek answers from their innocent inquiries about life and a struggle not to let faith fade into fiction.

Therefore, death in this case is a consequence of determination to seek for the truth about the killing caused by trolls in the Norwegian society. Death as a theme is vital in this scenario since it is the hallmark of investigations done by the students. It erodes nature and there is fear that if trolls continue with their killing spree, then the bear species will be eroded. Also due to the fact that it also kills human beings especially Christians, they will also cause loss of life, a process which can lead to miseries, pain and agony.

As the three began to pursue the truth, the killings are evident in different context to inhibit them from unveiling the core issue about nature and how the actions of trolls erode it.At the beginning of the film, the three Volda University students Johana, Thomas and Kalle search for a lone wolf type of bear poacher which has been reported to be killing wild bears past the rate prescribed by the government. The students stalk the trail of the mysterious hunter Hans, expecting to get an explanation about the killings.

The reluctant Hans did tried to flee from them but later agree to let them film while he is in action. That is the point they came to realize that he was a troll hunter who works for a secret government agency to kill the trolls as they distract people from the truth about the troll problem which was rampant in Norway ("Of Monsters and Men: Trollhunter (2010) | Film Analysis"). It can thus be evident that it is the troll who was actually killing both people and wild bear.

However, the government tries to work in secret so as to prevent the mainstream society from realizing that their lives and the lives of animals are in danger due to the troll problem which was experienced in the nation. The action of the government could have been so due to the human natures perception about death. For instance, on the event where the mainstream society would have realized about the problem, they would have taken different actions which would have led to the destruction of the natural environment as well as killing of any beast so long as they posit threats on their livelihood.

These would have led to the destruction of the ecosystem even further. That’s the reason why they hired a secret poacher who could be able to hunt and kill the trolls in secret.When the student collaborates with Hans and other participants like journalists to unveil the truth, the external forces interrupts with an aim to stop their search. The Christian Journalist and a camera man Kale, was killed by trolls since it had the Christian blood which is easily detected by trolls. These forced the new crew Johana, Thomas and Hans to hire a Muslim camera man since their smell could not be detected by the trolls. It shows that the film tries to associate death with a particular religion.

For instance, Christian are purported to be filled with the scent of God while depicting other religious groups like Muslims to be heathen and does not worship the true God. It is because the troll could not smell their blood since it could not give the sweet smelling aroma. Therefore, death in this case can be used to align faith in the Norwegian society and those who have repented of their sins and believe that Jesus is God are not safe while others like Muslims and other theistic associated belief systems do not believe in the true living God.In conclusion, it can be evident that even though the government was trying to use the secret means to protect the society, they had failed since instead of eliminating the fear of death among the public, it did escalate to a higher heights after the rampant death of wild bear. People began to worry about nature and put the blame on the poacher as oppose to the real problem which affecting the society.

03 December 2019
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