The Background Of The Tesian Society In The Jungle Of Tesi

The Jungle of Tesi

Located on the eastern coast, the Jungle of Tesi boast of an immense land mass spanning through hectares in size, with huge natural endowments. Like every other society, the Jungle of Tesi presents a unique atmosphere governed by customs, beliefs, and traditions with distinct societal features that promoted a habitable environment. These societal features support the background of her geographical, mythological and cultural elements, and underscores the Jungle of Tesi as an ideal Society. Tesians in their numbers enjoys fair climatic conditions, terrain, resources and a growing strength in its’ population.

The Jungle of Tesi witnesses changing climatic conditions at different stages of the year. Atmospheric conditions that ranges between 15 – 20 degrees Celsius are experienced during winter season, as against 23 – 25 degree Celsius often chronicled during Spring period. Record of vicissitudes in climatic conditions are also noted during other terminal seasons such as the summer and the fall. Furthermore, the tesian population of 600 citizens filled different parts of the community; with about 300 tesians residing in various locations around the mountains, while about 200 persons occupy various locations near the historic lake, with few others domiciled within the jungle metropolis that borders the lake region.

Notably, the Jungle of Tesi possesses huge natural resources that underscores a resounding terrain and a good natural habitat. Blessed with mountains and loamy soils around it, hills, sedimentary rocks, and great stones, tesians enjoys the presence of mountains situated at the topmost region of the jungle, and hills that serves as comfortable resorts during harsh climatic conditions.

There is also the presence of the great jungle lake located at the center of the jungle and accessible to tesians from all areas. As part of her terrain, the Jungle of Tesi also retains other resources such as Ponds, and Waterfalls which both serves as center of attraction for visitor and tourists. The appreciable magnitude of the waterfall permits it to drive through the Mountains and flows directly to the lake, while the pond spreads through the right side of the jungle.

These natural resources provided a conducive and flourishing atmosphere for other natural assets such as trees, great redwoods, maples, birches, beeches, poplars, elms and pines located in the jungle. The presence of the trees constituted both habitational and economic support for the tesians.

In this wise, trees of different types are used to construct houses and abodes for different class of persons in the society. Also, tesians rely on the immense presence of the trees within their territory for hunting, exploration and as fishing aids. The trees have supported wildlife hunting activities of hunters among tesians and agro-practitioners have also mastered the art of extracting woods from the trees for boat construction, hooks and bows making in other to enhance fishing activities. In addition, plants of various forms produce different fruits such as apples, apricots, gingkoes, mulberries, nashis, peaches, persimmons, plums, peers, sherries, and others, in due seasons. Other products from plants are lichens, moss, and wildflowers.

The jungle of Tesi also serve as abode for numerous wild and domestic animals such as the boar, fishes, deer, elks, squirrels, ant, and frogs, across various locations in the mountains, pond areas, and the lake regions. In the jungle of Tesi, horses are used for domestic purposes such as for transportation of persons, and goods.

There were water supplies from the waterfall for the occupants in the mountain region, while the residents in the lake region accessed water from the lake, and the pond supplied water throughout the pond region.Also of note are the mystical beliefs shared by tesians in the existence of gods whom in their wisdom created everything in the Jungle of Tesi from nonentity. These gods are closely associated with the three specific figures within the jungle of Tesi, that is, the mountains, the lake and the pond.

There are predominant beliefs that the god of water created the lake and its environs, while the god of sun established the entire mountain regions, and the god of soil created the pond and its inhabitations. The mystical beliefs reveal the mutual co-existence between the three principal gods that allows progress in the jungle of Tesi.

For instance, the jungle of Tesi enjoys the provision of sunlight by the god of sun, while the god of soil makes provisions for the seeds and plantations to grow effectively in concert with the god of water who fortifies the plantations with enough water needed for higher yields. This cooperation forms the basis of an unequivocal growth circle in plantation and the upsurge of trees including the growth of the oak tree in the middle of the lake often referred to as “the Essence”. Prior to this, tesians once witnessed the pervasive killings of various animals such as the deer, and elks by a plague called the zoonotic which occasioned a strong decline in the number of occupants in the mountain region, and other allied areas.

During this period, survival was difficult for the mountaineers because of the food shortages as a result of the death of animals caused by zoonotic. The quest to source for food brought them to the pond and riverine region of the lake where their plight was shared by occupants of the pond and the lake region, and food resources existing in the region was shared and distributed to the inhabitants of the mountains, who in turn made use of their horses to transport foods back to their abodes.

Unfortunately, the spate of intense heat from the wild life preservation activities in the pond and mountain regions led to sporadic wildfire that flared across the ponds and the mountain abodes. This forced tesians on the mountains to migrate to the lake area and join other tesians across the lake whom they never knew previously. Subsequently, the gods merged into a single entity and the people believed in the realization that the single god – called the God of Essence, was created by nature. As a result, annual festivals were organized in celebration of the believe that trees represented the spirits of the people, and all tesians were required to praise the essence tree in their tesio language.In addition, further societal frameworks that existed in the Jungle of Tesi were the provisions for crime and punishment. It was essential to always respect elders and societally constituted laws.

There were laws that forbid some acts, and laws that require tesians to perform some obligations and act in specific manners. In the first category, there were laws against trespassing on other settlements without permission, and laws forbidding persons under age 16 from being warriors. The other category of laws demanded the specific performance from tesians and they are laws requiring tesians to trust in god or risk death sentence, laws requiring all tesians to gather around the essence tree and worship it on rare occasions when the sun shines directly on the tree, laws prohibiting tesians from killings or face expulsion, laws punishing stealing with imprisonment terms, and laws requiring tesians to praise the god or else they shall be put to death.In conclusion, these elements and frameworks culminates the background of the tesian society located in the Jungle of Tesi.

03 December 2019
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