The Benefits Of No Homework Policy


“Once you stop learning, you start dying” a qoutes from one philosopher that can caught my attention and creates a big question on my mind. If we stop learning we start dying. Then, why we need to suffer on having too much homework or activiities just to have learnings that can cause stress and depression in our health. This position paper is focused on my opinion about the “No Homework Policy” that proposed by the lawmaker of the government. I choose this topic because I want to explain and share my ideas about this matter and its possible effect to every student who will affect the most.


Homework is a vital part of education that every teacher gived to every student that need to do at thier home. The eight hours of spending in class and some at schoolworks can lead every student stressful and unmotivated. Homework is an important part of being a great student inside and outside of the school but, too much of them can result a negative effect in every student life. Student who spend more time in thier homework will not be able to have a time to spend in thier love one’s and being unsocial and also lead to unsatisfied grade. As a student, I want to share the negative effect of the homework . First effect of the homework is in the health of a student, it is the primary cause of stress. Too much homework can result of lack in sleep at night. Student wanted to finish thier homework even they go to bed late and wake up early in the morning to prepare going to school even they didn’t take thier breakfast and with a bunch of exhaustion and headache that lead to loss weight. And atart bad habit in eating. 

Second effect is in social life of the student. Being socially active helps the student to forgot the stressfull world that they had but because of the plenty homework student had less time to spend with thier family, friends and love one’s. The student who without time to socilized and relax they becomed more stresses in school and at home. Third effect of having homework is in the grade of the student. After of whole day in learning in school student become burnt out of too much assitgnment. If ever this happen the student may stop completing thier homework and rely on thier parents to do thier homework. As a result the grade they may get will low or unsatisfied. Too much of homework can also result less active in learning, a type of learning that may occurs in encourages paticipation. Active learning promotes the great promotion in the real world but homework does not always the opportunities in a wealthy life it cause of the boredsomeness of the student. Thats why for my own opinion the no homework policy will implemented thats why the stressfull foe the student b banned in our country.


As a student, I am in favor to “No Homework Policy” that proposed by the government for those student in elementary and secondsry levels. I know the feeling of a student who spend eight hours in school and another hours to take just to do tha homework at home, instead of resting from the heptic situation in school and be free at home. But because of the assignment i rather to choose t spending my time doing a homework. Student sacrifice thier thier health just to do the task that given to them,they skip to eat just to finish it and almost didnt go to bed. Too much of homework cause the student become stressfull and suffer from deprission and anxiety. Eight hours of spending in class is enough to learned new things. Student should take a rest after the whole day of stress, they need a break and become stress free. Let them enjoy the youth they had.

16 December 2021
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