The Benefits Of Visiting Whistler Village

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Known for its gleaming scenerjy and its glorious nature is the alpine village, Whistler. This beautiful village was home of the 2010 winter Olympics and is known for being one of the most famous and popular ski resorts in the world. Whistler is in the depths of Whistler and Blackcomb mountains, with it glistening of white snow in the winter and shimmering with lustrous scenery and wildlife in the summer. A holiday for all. Whether it is just for a day out of for a long break Whistler is perfect.

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The resort is only a 2 hour drive from the picturesque city Vancouver and just 2.5 hour drive from Vancouver International airport. So with the breath taking views and the easy access to this luxurious alpine resort, it already seems like the perfect option.You have just broken up from the busy school term, it is late march which is peak skiing time, and you are all set to go to your tranquil chalet in central Whistler village. The welcoming locals there to greet you with every inch of them and the sunset in the mountains making the warm feeling of excitement in your belly.

You can hear the whistle of the furry marmots that populate the area. Lots of eager families all ready to get their skis fitted at one of the many places on offer, and other families with their kit all laid out for the race to get to the first lift. The next morning when the sun starts to rise and It is 7am with people tightening there salopettes and yanking their ski boots on.

Parents running with their children’s skis and their own skis perched on their shoulder to get to the gondola before the crowds start to appear. Then it is a moment to gasp when you are going up in your gondola and you take in the scenery from Blackcomb Mountain at the height of 7494 feet. You start to see the range of stunningly groomed out runs and children’s faces turn from tired ones to flabbergasted ones.Once you are off the gondola and step foot onto the luxurious powder from the 10 centimetres of snow that fell that night, you see the wonderful madness of a magnificent place.

Ski instructors in their bright red kit taking the orders in from the children for their lunch: 4 main meal choices and a range of drinks to choose from. A quick goodbye to their parents and they are off learning the important skills that are necessary for the abilities of all. Just a week of lessons and you can be going from skiing a blue run (easy level) to a black run (difficult level). And this does not just apply to the children, whatever age, whatever ability the bright red ski instructors are there for you.

On the other hand you can go and explore the outstanding views of the mountains and do a bit of off piste, then stop for a quick hot chocolate and some cheesy chips in one of the sheltered peaceful cafés on the edge of the mountain. April… the bulldozers come in and that glistening white snow is no more. Slopes turn to roads and ski shops turn to mountain biking shops. This ultimate gravity-fed downhill biking experience draws mountain bikers from across the world.

Whistler is not just known for its remarkable ski resort but also for its incredible mountain biking park. Whistler’s first biking zone, the Fitsimmons Zone began in 1999 and since then Whistlers mountain biking park features four distinct zones with over 80km of trail to explore. Everyone who has entered this magical place has said their dreams have come alive. So if you don’t fancy coming to Canada in the colder months why not come to the 4,926 vertical lift and bomb down some mystic trails. Do you love the feeling of being awake? Whether it’s going down easy-cruising greens or expert-only blacks, this spectacular place is for you.

After you have enjoyed this place the feeling with never leave you. Clear the bad thoughts from your mind with the crisp and refreshing air. Forget about work, school and commitments, just come and live in the moment. Does your whole family ride or ski? Well that’s not a problem, when you get the extra peaks zones pass your non riders can come up on the most spectacular scenic chairlift and Soak in the view from the top of the world.

The heart-stopping view from the highest point of Whistler Mountain is a real miraculous moment, and a moment that you want to share with everyone. After you have finished whizzing down the mountains whether it is on skis, walking or mountain bikes. You can come down the gondola to the most special village on earth. Whistler village has everything: hotels, chalets, restaurants, retail shops and lots more.

Whistler village features a pedestrian only stroll so there is no need to worry about the dangers of vehicles. It is the perfect place to mingle with friends and family with exciting events such as the Whistler Pride & Ski Festival in the winter months and Crankworx Mountain Bike Festival in the summer months, as well as there being a warm sense to the village and its welcoming community. So as the sun starts to fade over the miraculous whistler, another day is over at the most amazing place in the world.

03 December 2019

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