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The Causes Of Student Stress

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Stress is the procedure by which an individual responds when opened to external or internal problems and tasks. “the organism procedures several systems to organize such adaptive responses both at systematic and cellular levels “by this, stress has direct effect on the brain and the whole structure of the body as such failure to adapt to a stressful condition can result in brain malfunction, physiological problem and also many areas of psychological challenge’s in the form of depression, anxiety, pain and burnout. Physiologically, stress-related diseases in the form reproduction, cardiovascular, metabolism and digestive diseases are determined by great areas of genetic and developmental factors which are different from a person to a person but also symptoms of this disease may be similar sometimes among individuals.

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Stress is physics word which refers to the quantity of force used on an object and it relates in real life as to how certain matters that carry force applied to human life. Examples financial difficulties, health challenge issues, conflicts with friends, all carry force or pressure on person’s body mind and spirit. Some of the pressure or force originates from the environment but most often comes from within a person’s head in the form of worry, anxiousness, regret, discouragement and low confidence [Wheeler, (2007)]. Stress is explained as “An uncertain reaction to external and internal factors” that means a negative or positive reaction to environmental stimuli. In this regard, it is how the totality of your body relates to changes and unfamiliar situations that present it in the course of time. During such a period, vital organs such as sexual organs, heart rate, blood pressure, stroke volume, respiratory rate in the body react speedily. Many hormonal responses are at peak.

Stress is a necessary phenomenon in every phases of human life. It is generally a sensitive imbalance which may be due to numerous reasons such as tests, papers and projects, economic worries about school and future job fears. Extreme stress may cause anxiety and it’s harmful for health. Youths always face problems in adjusting with many stresses. Stress mainly comes from academic tests, personal relations, relationship problems, life changes, and job search. Such stress may usually cause psychological, physical, and behavioral problems. However, Children are dealing with the challenges of growing. They are going through puberty, meeting the changing expectations of others, and coping with feelings they might not have had before. Another report suggests that earning grade is the not the alone source of stress. There were other potential source like excessive homework, unclear assignment and uncomfortable classroom. By use of the Psychological Distress Inventory, that the top five sources of stress among female college students consisted of financial problems, test pressure, failing a test, being rejected by someone, and relationship break-ups.

15 July 2020

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