The Concept Of Zombies, And The Apocalyptic Scenario


The zombie apocalypse can be described as a widespread or universal disaster caused by the reincarnate humans in any work of literature. In other words, it is a specific scenario in the literature that fuse science fantasy, fiction, horror, or dystopian exhibiting the failure of civilization. The characters in zombie apocalypse narratives are in themselves zombies and humans who express great fear of these semi-living creatures since if they get to contact with them (either through bite, sexually, collision, water or share anything) they would either become the zombies or die. Historically, the concept of zombies originated from Haiti and New Orleans in the 17th Century when the African slaves worked in their plantations making them to continuously long for freedom.

During this period, the zombies were used to symbolize the horrific life that the black slaves experienced. However, its meaning has changed as it was adopted into English to mean a human carcass that is mysteriously reanimated to act on behalf of some living humans.

Since the concept’s inception, zombies have appeared in articles in medical journals and books. For example, the Lancet, a British medical journal in 1997 outlined two verifiable ideologies (accounts) of Zombies. Such include the Haitian woman who had been buried as a dead human was three years later found alive, her tomb filled with stones, and she was later admitted to a hospital by the family members. Secondly, Clairvius Narcisse, another Haitian, who was in a coma and had been confirmed dead and buried, appeared 18 years later in a local market claiming to know some of his family members.

According to Monti, in pop culture, zombies began to appear in literature as early as 1697 in which they were not only described as ghosts but also cannibal friends or spirits. In 1930s, zombies began appearing in movies as monsters especially in the movie White Zombie. With the advancement in technology and the release of George Romeo’s movie “Night of the Living Dead” in 1968, the zombies appeared not only more realistic but also gruesome. In 2013, Brat Pitt in the movie “World War Z” advanced the abilities of zombies to a great extent.

Murphy asserts that biblically, the zombies also get described in different books making many religious groups believe in their actions. Most of the information on zombies in the Bible are conveyed in the prophetic books. For instance, in Ezekiel, the prophecies are brought to Ezekiel through vision by bones that gradually develop muscles, then flesh until they are fully personified yet lacked the ability to breathe. Also, in the book of Isaiah, the prophet says that the dead shall be resurrected, be awakened and made to sing. However, Jesus himself appears to his disciples after he had died and buried, and he is believed to be preparing the heavenly home. In summary, both the Old and New Testaments of the Bible emphasize on resurrection and life after death (Christianity), and it is from this background that the zombies are associated with apocalypse.

Description of the Apocalyptic Scenario

According to Murphy, although scientists have tried to predict that the zombie apocalypse will take place within 24 hours, based on World War Z, the zombie apocalypse scenario will take place any time from this moment. Max Brook in the above book outlines that when the period is near, no media outlets would give any information on the disaster, about 75% of the planet will be affected by the disaster and that the most powerful nations would not be able to respond to the attack in time as the infection would be too fast in spreading among the humans. Also, many of the citizens of such countries like the US and other first world counties will have no confidence in their medical care systems. In the apocalypse, the medical system will be meaningless although people will still crowd near the health care centres whenever they are bitten or harm by the zombies. The drugs provided in such places will only catalyze the speed of the poison transmitted by the zombies. However, the zombies themselves will be too slow but determined to have full control of the world. The densely populated areas in these countries will be the most affected with a number of individuals getting either infected or killed.

Similarly, many Asian countries with densely populated towns will have themselves harmed faster and harder because their culture of greatly respecting the government and the police forces will be reduced to nothing as the forces will no longer exist. In addition, the global acceptance of attack as a disaster would find when there has been an outbreak of war in the borders of countries hence hampering migration from and to any country. Also importation and exportation of any kind would be halted resulting in stumbling global economy. In addition, the infection from the zombies will begin spreading worldwide since the humans who shall have been in contact with the zombies would turn into them and bite even more. However, the governments will be desperate and will, therefore, allow mass migrations as well as exportation to stabilize.

Consequently there will be a great scam as individuals will struggle to amass wealth through dubious means, the doctors and medics will fake the treatments for the bitten and infected persons, the weapons that will be used to relieve the infected people of the dangers will not be genuine, and the individuals will survive in lies. Although the military systems globally will be alert and conscious of whatever they are supposed to do to combat the disaster, they will seem ineffective due to lack of relevant training as they depend on heavily built weapons. Many individuals will be immoral and practice irresponsible things that will at the end interfere with the leadership’s ability to make rational decisions that would save individuals in all the countries.

Since many economies will struggle to survive, there will be increased borrowing among people and states as they purchase supplies that would increase their survival chances. In addition, the rate of crime will be at its peak as individuals will stop working due to fear of infection, lack of means of transport, lack of money to start them off, or the need to protect their families from such dangers. The consequence of this will be greatly felt by the industries as they will be severely impaired and countries will collapse. The outbreak of the zombie apocalypse will also expand to the other parts of the world including the islands through different kinds of infections. This will make the countries collapse so quickly that it will take them a long time to understand whatever is going on. Also, the leaders will start making irrational decisions and unconstitutional measures as others will secure themselves without allowing any outsiders (greed and self-centeredness) characterized by confusion among the citizens.

Consequently, the world’s population would reduce to less than a third of its current one within a span of 24 hours as deaths would be caused from not only the zombies but also individuals who turn against each other to protect themselves, the military as the obey the orders, and starvation and disease outbreaks. However, among the safe zone, there will be formation of governments with ambitious strategies and desires to recapture and reclaim the already infected territories. This will consequently be followed by doctrinal and military wars that could last more than ten years. It would also take more than ten years for a country as large as the US to totally eliminate the infected. In the end, there is hope that the battle will be won by humans.

Analysis of the Challenges for Human Survival

After the long struggle to survive and fight the infections and eliminate the zombies in the world, there will be a new dawn for the globe. Although there is hope for survival and winning at the end of the day, only a few individuals will survive the disaster since there are several challenges that humanity will face to survive. In this section, the individual challenges and problems that humanity faced in a bid to survive are analyzed.

To begin with, according to Buchanan and Markus, the time span within which the infections will spread from one person to another will be relatively shorter hence risking the lives of people at the time. However, the fact that the zombies are not able to move faster and swiftly, the number of people they will get into contact with will not be super large. On the same note, being that there are several ways through which the infections can be transferred from one person to another, it makes the survival chances too slim. Some of the ways through which the poison will be transmitted from the zombies to the living and from one person to another include biting, scratching, kissing, sexual contact, and any other body contacts. However, more dangerously, the countries not directly infested by the zombies will be infected by incomprehensible diseases within that short time.

The other challenge that the individuals are likely to face is lack of information from the media as well and the authority. As the researcher record, during the apocalypse, the people will suffer because of lack of information and confusion as everyone will not be fully aware of where, to whom, how, when why they should move or act is a given way. This will most probably create mistrust as people will tend to protect themselves against their own kins exposing them even more. The leadership being terribly terrified find themselves overprotecting themselves from the infection and death.

The government’s inability to support immigration and guard their territories will be exposed as the border wars escalate. Here the individuals who would be contemplating running away from disasters will probably die at the view of their solution. Also, the risk of exposure to death from many sources would also make it difficult to navigate the wraths of zombies. The consequence of this further will lead to more infections and deaths both from diseases, zombies and the military who try to defend themselves and their authorities.

The other threat to survival during this season is due to increased scam and lie among individuals and organizations. Since the medical personnel will have no knowledge of the right medication for the infections, their false hope on the people would simply increase infection since the sick would mix easily with the unaffected. Also, fraudulent acquisition of not only money but also the resources that would help save a life from the disaster will also risk the people’s lives because the main intention of such scammers will be on making money and not saving lives.

The last and the most dangerous of them all is lack of food, money and water since there trade will be crippled. Since human life depends greatly on food and water, the threat of lacking both is a double trap against the survival of many individuals.

In conclusion, although the battle will be eventually won by humans, very few individuals shall have survived and from there henceforth the life expectancy will be reduced to a larger extent. However, the generation of the post-zombie attack will live and prosper.

Proposal for a Survival Plan

Bloodsworth-Lugo and Carmen posit that due to the prevalent trend in both disease, terrorism, warfare, famine and drought, and floods, one can certainly be sure that the zombie apocalypse might come to pass. One has to come up with proposals on how to escape the impending danger since the zombie attack is becoming inevitable. The most important step is to establish the routes for escape, the exit points and finally the destination upon the attack bearing in mind that the communication gadgets might fail to function just as has been predicted. You could have a map as one below to help you execute this first step.

Having completed the first step above, have a plan for not only one escape route but several so that he/she becomes aware of the direction you are to take upon being attacked. There is also a need to establish the means through which one is going to escape that is car, boat, bicycle, or airplane.

Secondly, there is a need to have some water and food. In this one can easily replenish his or her water from the natural sources within the reach of the escape route. Also, should an individual be a good swimmer, he/she stands a greater chance of escaping the walking dead. The food will also help in the provision of energy during the escape.

Thirdly, one needs to be able to time and always be ready for the apocalypse since the scientists have already given some hints on the possibilities of having a zombie attack. This will help him/her to execute all the plans that he/she puts in place.

Fourthly, an individual should beware of the wild animals and the population that they are likely to interact with. This will enable him or her to have the right gear as well as run away from the densely populated area since they are prone to speedy spread of infections.

Sixthly, as one escapes, she/he should always strive to have alight luggage as possible to be able to efficiently manoeuvre his/her way swiftly. This will help because zombies are usually slow movers.

Lastly, upon the attack, the lone should leave and move swiftly for his/her life. The above-mentioned steps can be followed either as a group or individually. Also, in case you are in sparsely populated area, you could find it safer to stay indoors. However, the safest areas are the remote and sparsely populated locations.


The researchers have established that due to the scientific inventions and innovations, the apocalypse is yet to attack the globe. Wherever they strike, there are casualties expected and only few people will survive. However, now that we have this information, we can avoid the risk factors and stay safe by using the steps highlighted above.

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31 October 2020
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