The Story About Zombie Apocalypse

Usually they scared us in childhood. But I was one of those kids who, on the contrary, adored watching and reading about zombie apocalypses. This is one of the mine Zombie apocalypse essays - a story that I wrote when I was 15 years old. When darkness begins to fall, forces of evil crawl from the ground. Shallow minds hating those who wants to sleep. Would stay up late wondering on top of the roof of my building with my neighbors, the clock strikes twelve or past, we watch these shadows trying to reach and engulf us all in silence. Are the zombies keeping you up?

Only if you have survived the zombie epidemic, one of them is our building. We are trying to gather supplies, rescue survivors, and defend our homes. This building consists of 3 floors and a roof. On the first floor, Mr and Mrs Smith, A happily old married couple, they have been married for 62 years with no kids. On the second floor, mrs Karen, a single mom with three kids, two boys and a girl. On the third floor, we will find my apartment where I live with my precious dog Simba. Everything was normal until one day when the dead rose, now I must fight to survive along side with my neighbors…who can you trust? How long will you survive? Are you next? the infections spread weeping out almost half the human and leaving the rest as either zombies or survivors. Every night we gather on the roof to seal the building and keep it safe and away from these creatures.

Sleep is not an option for us. Every night we must be awake before the screams begin and doors open revealing a dominated world by bloody teeth. Ms smith tries to be always awake so that mrs smith can get some sleep. For over a year Mrs Karen and her children have barricaded inside their childhood apartment armed with weapons and stocked with food, they have survive till now but what will happen if intruders break into their safe heaven? Im lounged into a terrifying run for my life caught between the strangers I am not sure I can trust and the monsters hunger for my flesh.

Now we must learn not only how to survive in this new and dangerous world but also how to overcome our inner fears before they cost us something more precious then our lives. When these creatures rise we will fall. One morning, screaming of the neighbors, bleeding mother, I quickly realize my nightmare has become real. Losing everything I find myself scared and alone until I was saved by Ms Smith wielding a baseball bat, fighting for a life that I wasn’t even sure I want anymore. Looking at the face of Ms Smith covered with tears for the loss of his beloved wife, made me realize that we will keep on fighting until we rise and these shadows fall.

I've became more fearful more calculating more suspicious that I would wish, all in service on keeping myself and those I love alive. For many of the survivors of the zombie apocalypse, the difficult choices arise out of that formulation: you can do the right thing, what once was the right thing, or you can be dead.

08 December 2022
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