We Are Currently Living In A Version Of A Zombie Apocalypse

Have we ever wondered what an apocalypse is? According to various resources found on the internet, it is a single event that involves the destruction of everything in its wake at a gigantic level. If this definition is not satisfying enough, then maybe the terminology “Apocalypse” has changed for us entirely. Maybe disconnecting from the internet is an apocalypse for us, or getting struck within a long traffic lane is, and if not, then perhaps caring for others, our friends, and family members by going out of our comfort zone might sound like an apocalypse. Some of us won't agree with these illustrations, these of us might still have a beating organ we call heart enclosed within our chest cavities.

Why Apocalypse Always Gets Mixed With Zombies

When the word 'Apocalypse' comes forward, there is always a mention of the 'Zombies. ' According to various narratives, Zombies are dead people walking; they are without a soul, without remorse and feelings. According to some information found on the internet, if you get bitten by the zombies you yourself would become a zombie, and the cycle would continue. But what is the origin of zombies? Do they exist? There are various contradictions found on the internet; if we start parsing this data today, we will hit about thousands of theories about the origin and or how zombies process.

The bottom line is that zombies might or might not exist in real life, but the hype around this concept of 'Zombies' can't be neglected. If we are honest with each other, then there is no shame in admitting that we too are living the same apocalypse as fantasized zombie literature.

There are various elements of the zombie myth such as:

  • Lack of agency
  • Compulsion to consume
  • The lack of connection with the real world
  • The sense of alienation from humanity
  • Non-communicative
  • Unemotional-with no mercy or remorse.

Now, one thing that remains is to cross-check whether all such elements discussed above verily exist within our society or not? Some of these elements do exist within our society that transform ourselves into a walking zombie, and thus the myth no longer remains fiction but transoms into a bitter reality of us roaming the earth alive physically but dead from inside just like a zombie. We will now try to cross-reference the elements discussed above with our attitude and daily dealings with other human beings and will awe on the fact that we have turned into the zombies and can’t help each other to get out of this abyss. This is not a very proud moment for us at all as we should analyze what lead us to this point and why we have not done anything to change our behavior of being dead inside and doing nothing for the others.

Lack of Agency (Social engagement)

This is one of the most imperative factors in today’s society, we have lost the touch of social engagement with the others and can't function with ever-changing aspects of the future that concerns our society. Technology, without any wonder, has transformed our lives, but it has also detached us from reality. We only believe what we see on bright screens of our mobile

phones, illustrated through the internet like a zombie who believes in what lies in front of us without any engagement with the rest of the herd at all. This way, we can't move forward but be dragged by ourselves behind and behind, only relying on what we believe to be accurate and not believing in what others have to share or add to our thought cycle in the notion of a collective community.

Compulsion to Consume

As far as human nature is concerned, it is tightly tied with the threads of history and directly correlates with the core of human emotions and behavior. We have not changed even in the slightest and are still consumed by thoughts of greed, consuming power, making more money, and only caring for no one but ourselves. Just like a zombie does, you might have seen them in a movie or TV show that they walk like they are dead inside (which they are) and only fill their bellies by howling and scraping over the weak. Living in the corporate world, we humans have also adapted to this particular manifestation of a zombie; we have an itch, an unforgiving compulsion to feed over the weak and grow into a restless mass that would always want to feast on more and more with no end in sight. Banking, trading in forex markets, real estate, and international trade, including the very minute clicks or steps executed by us, is the example of this similar thought process that advises on consuming the weak and filling one's appetite.

the Lack of Connection With the Real World

You might have heard about PTSD or Schizophrenia; these are the mental illnesses in which the patient can't tell the difference between what is real and what isn't. They believe in their fictional reality, and the reality of the world is clouded before them. These diseases provide the true meaning of what it feels like to have a lack of connection with the real world. The patients of such diseases can be regarded as expectations or rare cases, but what has happened to all of us? People whom we are surrounded by, our own families and friends, including ourselves? What has changed so much that we don't have any interest in connecting with the real world or to indulge in other's lives only to make sure that they are doing fine. We have stopped helping others including ourselves, we don't care what happens to the world, we, on the other hand, should continue to reap all the benefits associated with ourselves, this has become our final mentality which is not only morally wrong but the indication of a drastic emotional apocalypse heading our way. We believe in our own reality we have developed to cope with pain, stress or emotional pain, the blinds on the windows of our logical mind are shut so tight that not even a fraction of light from the real side of the world can penetrate within. It is just like the case with the zombies; they don't care for the world, don't care if someone standing next to them is evil or not. They have only developed a particular essence of reality that every living thing out there is out to get them or stop them, so these, in turn, devour human beings and live cut off from what is real and what is not.

the Sense of Alienation From Humanity

Some of us might come around live news or headlines, or if not, some of us might have developed a habit of reading the newspaper. This, however, can't be said for our young generation for they only connect with the rest of humanity via their mobile screens and by the mercy of the internet. We see various catastrophes on a daily basis, surges in Iraq or Afghanistan, or other similar cold and civil wars around the globe. We don't have to go any deeper within the history of WWII, and WWI are the examples of proper alienation of people from humanity. If the people who fought those wars or those who called out the shots could see what they were doing, if they could interpret the feelings of other human beings and what amount of pain the war could inflict on them, then maybe the consequences could have been averted. Just maybe there could be hope for a brighter and better future out there, but Alas! We even today don't see fit to care for others or our fragmented world that is running short on care and feelings for humanity. We see everything but then again can't comprehend the meaning of what's presented to us, we want to be quiet, not moving any muscle or losing any energy to help others. What's in it for us then? If we help others, simply nothing, just like a zombie, won't move a muscle if they don't see that action benefiting their needs. We are just like a zombie living in our own apocalypse, trying to avoid any human interaction, especially if that interaction ends up in helping or benefiting the others.


All zombies are non-communicative; they don't speak, can't sing their heats out, nor provide their particular insights as well. They only howl or screech while attacking the others while at other times they don’t even make a sound at all. We have also become non-communicative with others as we don't have anything to share or as if there is no need to share anything except to live within your own fragmented reality and to push your thoughts down as well as sinking your feelings.


It is not only true but also a very practical definition of what a zombie is. We have become unemotional, talk about the latest economic-based trends we have turned heartless as we don't value the rights of the others nor their emotions regarding our actions. We just want to get filthy rich without comprehending the route we are going to take to reach there. Zombies are just the same; they are unemotional, don't have any fraction of mercy or remorse; we being humans are not only unemotional but have lost the sight of humanity altogether. We are the walking dead section of humanity; we only work together if there is a hidden perspective behind it. We don't care for the prosperity of the others; we are only unbiased when it comes to attending to our personal gains. Other than that, we are totally dead inside and roaming the world for nothing great of a future for others. Those of us who still have a heart or who still do understand the essence of hope don’t fall into this category of being dead and are steering clear of this zombie apocalypse a large sum of humanity is living in.

31 October 2020
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