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The Contribution Of American Football To The Society

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People who have come together to help each other, creates a good society. A good society has laws to direct behaviour and guide people on what emotions are appropriate. Even in a good society though, there can often be some conflicts. This has led to some great people who have shown others how to control their emotions. They are called coaches and some of these great people are found in sports like football. The sport of football contributes to great societies by giving an opportunity for football players to donate back to their community, by inspiring players to be great people, and by teaching players how to control their emotions.

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A good society has members that give back to their community. There are many different NFL stars that like to support their community and others as well. According to the website We Are The Mighty, NFL players routinely donate not only their money, but also their time to causes like cancer research, rebuilding efforts after hurricanes, building better relationships between law enforcement and the black community, kids education and providing sports opportunities. One notable example is JJ Watt, a defensive end for The Houston Texans Football team, who donated back to his adopted community in Houston Texas. This community was greatly affected by Hurricane Harvey, and thanks to JJ Watt raising money and giving time, many families were saved and helped. ‘Big-ticket players enter a city’s franchise team and become entrenched in the city’s culture, even though they may not hail from that city originally. The people embrace them and, when times get rough, these players turn around and offer assistance and comfort to those in need. ‘ The NFL franchise provides their players with the resources that they need to be helpful and contribute to their community.

The NFL not only provides the football players with resources, but also works to inspire players and other people to be great team players. It teaches people to support their teammates and not get angry at them when they miss an important catch or last tackle. Football teaches concepts like being on time, like not beating yourself up for making a mistake, like that in life sometimes you must do things that you don’t want to do, and that practice is important for a good game performance. These are all keys in life to a good society and that is something retired football player Anthony Adams speaks about on the website The Inspired Player. Football coaches inspired Anthony Adams and were good role models for him, they taught Anthony good rules for living. ‘Anthony benefited from the coach’s holistic approach to the sport, in which each player was expected to be not only a superlative athlete but a model citizen and a top-drawer student as well. ‘ This level of expectation inspires others to be great citizens for their society like Anthony Adams.

An important skill in football and life is the control of emotions and many coaches inspire their team to learn emotional control. In a game of football, as in life, if you don’t have control of your emotions, it can lead to trouble like ejection from the game, charges, or penalties. If you are in control of your emotions, you can still go in the game and make a good play, not a dirty play which often happens when someone is angry. Coaches teach players to take a deep breath to calm down, to ignore certain behaviours, and to involve the officials instead of getting revenge. On the website about anger management in football, there are many ways listed to keep your cool on field and football teaches them to players. ‘Many coaches, myself included, set up drills in practice to frustrate players, to teach them how to control negative emotion. ‘ The control of emotions, exemplified by football, is important for humans to be able to live in society and create good societies.

Although football sometimes has a bad reputation because of injuries and concussions, the qualities of the sport inspires people and cities. Football brings people together as a family. It promotes good behaviours for a better society, just like many of the other sports played in our communities. Sportsmanship is about teamwork, discipline and supporting each other, these behaviours are the key to a good society. As humans, we depend on the strength of our societies for a good quality life. Through sports, humanity is united and inspired to be the best it can be.

31 October 2020

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