The Documentary 13th: Preason For No Reason

The documentary 13th where we can see scholars, activist, politicians analyzing the criminalization of African Americans and the massive increase of the prisoners. After the 13th amendment the law was passed to free the slaves and slavery was ended. Since slavery was the economy system after the banned of it, there was a question, how do we rebuild the economy?

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So, the first prison boom was after the civil right movement where blacks were arrested even for the minor crimes like loitering and begging. The prison population had grown from 357,292 in 1970 to 513,900 till 90’s. There was only increase in the number of prisoner rather than decreasing because of the increase in drug abuse considered as crime rather than a health issues. People in power started raising campaign, voices to control drug abuse and jailing black communities. Black and Latino communities were major target for being handoff and over represented as criminal.

The media played a great role in people from these communities as animals and beast where people supported to charge them to be in prison. If everyone had believed the same way Kant believe then there would not be any murder, theft, and lying exist around the world. People would always respect each other’s goals, honesty, morality and humanity would stayed alive. But unfortunately, in that period people were using and dominating poor, weak and black people, like most of the black people were poor, so they could not afford the bail and they had to be in prison for no reason.

The system was sponsored by many big companies like Walmart, for growing their business with support of prisoner working for them. Hence the billionaire worth companies would invest on this as they were benefited financially. Similarly, the pass of law that was given to police to stop any people that looks like an immigrant was rising that made many Hispanic immigrant into a detention center which is more likely like a prison. In those detention center many families with children are in bad condition. This type of activities is profiting telephone, food and health industries with built billion industry in America.

Prison industry had become big here in America because of the free labor. Companies like Victoria secret, JC penny, Microsoft have invested in this free labor. Because of the profit in this prison industries the number is hard to decrease rather than controlling the crime.

In the history, black men were targeted for inhumanly activities but after a decade as well it is continuing but in a different way. Likewise, from the history till date there is the racial caste has not ended we have just redesign it. We judge people with color race and sex. The thinking all black are criminals and lower level still in mind of people and they are not given equal rights.

The Rawls’s theory of justice revolves around the same concept that is morally acceptable by society without judging someone based on their race, caste or sex. Like in the documentary 13th it is shown that how badly the black communities were treated in the past and still now. Mill says that good actions lead to pleasure and define good character. We all know that the practices of this system are morally wrong and will lead a bad consequence but, in this century, where money has become the power people do anything to boom the economy rather than seeing the moral values. The veil of ignorance should be adapted for us to end the racial discrimination that helps every man from different group to be rational, free and morally equal beings.

03 December 2019

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