The Effect Of Developments In Information Technologies On Organisations

This section will tell you and help you to understand the development in hardware and computer systems, which has become bigger and better in past years by companies like Intel, Dell, Microsoft and Google. Organisation like Dell was one of the first companies to make computer that was found in 1894 and now Dell is one of the biggest computer company that make computers and hardware. The computer system has been upgraded in daily basis, however the cost of computer systems seems to go down. This is because of the cheaper computers that offers more for that price that the customers can spend, has improve the IT Company’s range of customers. Keeping with all these changes, has impacts on IT companies and manages and employees.

The development of internet search engines has help the IT to become more popular because of the free tools that helps you to find resources that you need, just using key-words. Google is one of the most popular search engine and has become a company that makes money by organisation that pay Google to be on the top when the person will search something.

Nowadays there are more search engines like Bing and Zhift. Moreover, different development of hardware and system have make the IT much easier and compatibility with hardware devices like portable drivers. However, there are still some problems with compatibility of hardware. For example, some storage devices like SD cards might be only able to run on cameras, phones or computers from the same company. Many organisations count on IT in their everyday routine of running business, to the point when something will happen to the system, the operation of the business came to dead end. Consistent updates to the computer system are made to improve the efficiency, reliability and productivity.

Nowadays, traditional skills are often swap with machines that are quicker and are able to make a standardised product, for example fashion goods, pottery, ready meals, embroidery and many more. Full Of Beans can take advantage of hardware development by using the newest hardware that are much better and compatible with new devices. Full Of Beans can take advantage of engine search to put their organization on the top when people will search key words like “Full”. Increasing power and capacity Nowadays, computers are more powerful and can processed more information in less time, which means that computers can do more tasks at the same time.The computer gets the power via PSU which is also known as Power Supply Unit. PSU is able to send enough voltage to the motherboard and peripherals that will be able to run properly. In terms of capacity, Moore’s Law shows the long-term trend of increased capacity.

This results to given speech in 1960s by Gordon Moore, which is one of the inventors of Intel, where he shows the links between the capability processing speed and memory capacity. Gordon Moore find out trend for an increase in transistor counts, which helps to research and development of computer hardware.

Computer platforms

Range of new applications and systems had effect on computer platforms that started to increase in capacity and sophistication.The platform it’s the operating system that the computer is running such as Windows 10, also the computer can run UNIX which is used on an Ethernet network. Apple Macintosh premiere in 1984 with its graphical user interface and Microsoft Windows version 1.0 in November 1985 change the way the computers were used and the way they are used nowadays. Nowadays, Microsoft Windows is one of the most popular software used by computers, which dominated the market. Computer platforms include computer architecture, system and computer languages. Computers has improved due to need of support newest application.

Development of computer systems and making collaboration with two different organisations directed to crate different versions of application, so different platform can run the application, for example Apple Mac can run Microsoft Office. Allowing customers to choose the system, software and hardware will allow them to make their ideal computer to suit themselves and their organisation. However, it’s hard to create ideal computer because of the range of products on the market. People like to follow what is in the trend, and the new product are seen by people as new trend which bring big revenue generated by the trends that people are following. Software and hardware manufacturers are forcing to create new features to marketplace, this is because users want to see the improvements or new versions of the software’s or hardware. Some computer system of software is not compatible with other systems than their own, which means that if organisation will need to upgrade the software they will have to stick with current supplier to keep the cost down. Full Of Beans can take advantage of this because they can choose the ideal hardware and software to suit the needs.

Communication technologies

Now a time people wants and expect to have product that will allow them to communicate at any time and at any location. Many platforms make this possible such as PDAs, Blackberries, CCTV and smart chips in credit card formats. This device are accessible by wireless and wired methods of connections. The newest developments allow organisations to collaboration between their devices such as PDAs, Blackberries and mobile phones with cameras, access to the internet and other multimedia, for example virtual games that allows people to play together at the same time in different localisation. Robotic, touch screen technology and multi-sensor technology are no longer foreign technology and research are made through further research. Progress in devices that include network for backing up data via Ethernet cable and manual via Bluetooth, email and EDI. Bluetooth enables to connect to devices together like computer and mobile phone. Moreover, data is transferee between organisations by using EDI which uses normal data format to connect between businesses, such as exchanging invoices electronically in usual format. Satellites navigation system allows to communicate across the planet. Satellite navigation through the years has become more affordable and available and is now usually use by people that travel using cars, public transportation and even walking.


In recent years the systems have become more powerful which means that the bigger range of applications software can be supported. On top of it many businesses use bespoke or specialised software to be able to support their businesses. Individual databases and management information system which is also known as Mis are used to monitor the stock levels, manage productions, sales and many more. CRM systems also known as customer relationship management are used by many organisations to make the customers more confident when staff is doing the same tasks in large organisations. Computer aided design also known as CAD is an example of sophisticated software. CAD allows architects, computer designers and rooms designers to make technical drawings using a computer. People can create 2D drawing that can be converted and viewed in 3D using digital prototyping.

Integration of application software

Nowadays, software is becoming more refined. For example, people are allowed to create presentations using video and music in the background, download music and then mix that music to create remix or even create their own DVDs where they can put their music or video. Creating podcasts and making your own web pages have become much easier and free software’s such as Picasa from Google and Microsoft Photo Story can be used to create digital photo albums that u can add music in the background, titles and captions. Some software’s collaborate with other software’s, for example, some indexed databases integrated with Microsoft Excel to move the data from database into spreadsheet, possibly for further data analysis or to create a chart. A common method for this is to use CSV (comma separated value) format.As the software are development, it is easy to think that professionals are a dying breed, because the software can do the work for them. However, it’s important to have knowledge about the software that is used. For example, a draughts- a person need to know what to do and how to use the software correctly, even though the software is doing everything for them. Also, an accountant must understand how dual entry accounting works to make the best use of computerised account package, such as Sage or Pegasus. In fact, a lot of different set of skills is needed to keep up with the newest technology that is coming out every year. We can ask that important question “when we will become too IT dependent”. For example, the comparison between the mental arithmetic skills of people under 20 and people over 40 can have different results, showing that young people do not learn these skills anymore.

Specialised support software

Organisations are able to choose specialised software that will allowed them to many features such as remote access, call login and identification of network traffic. Some specialised support software help organisation to spot the reasons of increases or decreases in product sales and this can help the organisation to find out how to improve. Moreover, there is different software that help people with disabilities or learning difficulties.

Another specialised support software helps management to collect and analyse the data and remote diagnostic software helps manufacturers that use any machinery to see the performance of their machines and it helps them to any problems with the machines. Cars manufacturers such as Mercedes are using automated service recall in their cars, to be able to calculate when the car need service by analysing how the car is used. Mercedes cars display how many miles they have left before services and give reminds to the driver about the service. However, there are some specialised support software that shown that they are not the best software to use. There are many examples of this such as National Health Service or Child Support Agency. There are different specialise support software’s such as decision support software and expert systems. Expert systems are usually doing the task that people usually do, and this software is able to give clear and easy to understand answers to questions without making the user to analyse.

Decision support software are software to help users to make the perfect decision and solve problems by using raw data in order to help the user. Full Of Beans can use specialised software like Decision support software to make decisions and to solve some problems. E-commerceIn the past years Internet (public use) and intranets (private use) had developed and become more popular, and nowadays many people have access to the Internet where they can access information that they need. However, both need specialist software to be able to use them. Search engines are used to locate information. Google is one of the most popular search engine according to the statistics.

The popularity of the internet allows organisations to help them with promotion of their products and services, much more easily and cheaper compering to traditional methods. Moreover, credit card technology has allowed customers to buy products online form their houses and get them delivered to their house. There are many examples of e-commerce organisations such as Amazon and eBay.Full Of Beans can use e-commerce to grow their profits by using internet to sell their products.

03 December 2019
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