The Effect of Technology on Relationship

Technology has a huge impact on all relationships, but mainly on boyfriend and girlfriend relationships. Some impacts are good, but although some can be bad. Some good impacts are, you can always communicate with them at all times. Another good impact is you can meet someone who you do not know and grow closer to them each and every day by using your technology and communicating. On the other hand, technology can also impact any relationships in a really bad way. Technology can make you have a misunderstanding of what the person is trying to say, isolating you from your significant other. Another bad effect that technology can have on relationships when spend too much time on our technology and not paying attention to the person you are with. Technology has good and bad impacts on relationships, you just have to should which one you want to have when you use your technology.

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The good impact technology has on relationships is being able to keep in touch with anyone you would like, stranger or not. When you are being able to keep in touch, you can always talk or text them. If you are a long distance away from your significant other, they are only one call or text away with technology. It can grow your relationship closer and closer throughout time. When you grow your relationship with technology and continue to stay in touch, it feels really good to have a relationship. Another way technology leaves a good impact on relationships is just being able to talk. When you call or Facetime them, you are allowed to hear their voice or even see their face. Sometimes when you text you get confused on what the other person is trying to say, so therefore just call them and talk it out. Facetime allows them to see their face. Well when my friend was in high school, he moved off really far away and all he and his girlfriend had was technology. During the time he moved off they still stayed in contact by using their phones to keep in touch and talk to one another. They called , texted and even facetimed everyday.

Also, technology has a negative effect. Some of the negative effects are, we spend entirely too much time on the technology we have. We either have them in our hands or in arm’s reach. When we spend too much and not enough time for our boyfriend or girlfriend it could cause a result of cheating. Cheating is very common when you use the technology too much. When I was a little bit younger, my boyfriend was always on his phone even when we were spending time in person. Him always being on the phone and never paying attention to me, it bothered me. Well eventually, I found out he was cheating. He spent too much time on technology and found other girls while we were together. As a result of spending too much time on his technology we broke up. When we do not have enough time for them, we tend to break up just like me and he did. However, technology does not only affect boyfriend and girlfriend relationships built on family relationships as well. The family relationship has been affected just as much as boyfriend and girlfriend relationships have. The family relationships have been affected by kids just sitting here on here phone and not paying attention to their family. When we are on our phones and browsing social media, we tend to not pay attention to any of our family. One night at the dinner table, we were all sitting there and then my brother pulls out his phone and starts playing a game. He pulled out his phone and did not even pay attention to any of us anymore. He did not have any idea what was going on around because he was so caught up in his game. The action he has not only affected him but it affected all of us around him at the table.

To summarize technology has its good and its bad. Even though, technology has really good effects it also has a really bad effect. Technology can be used in a good way. The ways technology can be used in a good way is being able to communicate with your boyfriend or girlfriend. Being able to always keep in touch with your boyfriend or girlfriend keeps you very close to them and makes you feel confront. However when couples misuse the technology is can result in really bad things like breaking up. It all depends on the way you use technology to say if it is bad or good. Evidence proves good and bad. 

07 July 2022

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