The Enforcement Of Gun Control

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When thinking of real-world issues, the first thing that comes to mind is gun control. This topic is controversial and can be argued on both sides. Within 2018 there has been 154 mass shootings and 17 of those being school shootings. Since Sandy Hook in 2013, there has been a total of 290 shootings within schools. These events have affected many opinions when it comes to controlling the supply of guns, but some people hold strong to the beliefs they have. Every year there are approximately 38,000 deaths due to guns in the U. S. alone.

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Personally, I believe that there should be some regulations made to control the buying, supplying, and use of guns. Many people have tried to evaluate the effects of gun control legislation in the U. S. in hopes to lower the rate of deaths and accidents due to gun violence. Although there are people trying to manage this issue, there are still plenty of people who abide by the second amendment and say that they have the right to bare arms which is a fair argument, but in order to lower the rate of violence that guns bring about, it is critical to make a change. Due to the devastating mass shooting at Douglass High School in Parkland, Florida, there has been more of an impact to support gun control within that area. Apparently, the need for a change relating to this issue has surged to its highest level in at least 25 years, according to a new opinion poll by Politico/Morning Consult.

According to the survey that was conducted, “68% of registered voters now say they support stricter gun control laws, with 25% opposing tougher gun. measures. ” This information came along with a poll CNN released. They found that “69% favor gun control, and a CBS News poll from last week found that 65% favor gun control. ” This goes to show that many people agree with the idea of stricter regulations towards guns. There are several resources that have provided several reasons as to why more gun control would reduce deaths caused by gun accidents and incidents. It has been stated that gun control laws would reduce the societal costs associated with gun violence. “The costs of gun violence can include legal services, medical costs, perpetrator control, policing, incarceration, foster care, private security, lost earnings and time, life insurance, productivity, tourism, and psychological costs (pain and suffering), among others. ” Many people fail to realize that having more gun control would lead to fewer suicides and any accidents caused by guns. This goes with the overall idea that guns can prevent deaths and any harm to people. In today’s society it is hard to change the mindsets of those in power especially about big issues. Republicans say that their struggle when it comes to this issue is trying to appeal to suburban votes which is in some cases the opposite party.

There are different parts of the country that are trying to make a difference when it comes to changing the idea of what gun control should be. States such as Arizona and California are trying tactics such as raising the age of owning a gun in hopes to make a change. Although many American are in hopes of congress changing certain laws, many people still believe that they “have a hard time paying attention to important issues long enough to solve them, and they’ll move on to the next thing. ” Since the outlook of the presidential leadership is uncertain and the Republican Congress isn’t dealing with reform, the only way to make a change depends on grassroots activism. This would mean that several people who feel strongly about this issue would need to come together and actively campaign to make a difference. In the past people have rallied together to do things such as put effort towards the civil rights movement and create a difference; therefore, we can do the same in today’s society when it comes to guns. Based on an article by The Atlantic, they stated that “it will require a political mobilization of enormous magnitude to overcome the entrenched power of the NRA, the Republican Party, and a president who has shown no interest in taking bold action on this issue. ” With this in mind, it is more crucial now than ever to many the changes that are extremely necessary. Although there are many who believe there should be no change, many people still think that “gun control laws could work, even if they’re hard to enforce” which is a valid point when looking at the overall aspect of gun control. Many people have different viewpoints on the topic; therefore, it is hard to please everyone.

Due to the several marches being conducted across the country, there is an obvious disagreement with the laws in place surrounding the idea of guns. I personally believe that there should be some regulations made to lower the rate of accidents and deaths due to guns.

18 May 2020

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