The Experience Of A Great Life Lesson

Last year I had a different and particular birthday. I decided to go skydiving with my friends. That morning I got up early; I was really excited about the adventure that I wanted to accomplish. My friends picked me up at 8:30 am. Then, we arrived at the place where we were going to board the jump plane. I was really scared; my hands started to sweet and my heart was pumping really fast. When I was boarding the plane with my friends, I sat on the floor of the plane and I was ready to accomplish my new adventure, in fact, I felt that something wrong would happen. When we were at the right altitude, the instructor told us that we could jump at any moment. When I was in the door and I saw the ground, my legs started to shake. Finally, I jumped and I thought that it would be the best experience of my life because I was enjoying the view, also the fresh air in my face and the sun felt good. However, my real adventure was going to start in the next moment. When I was flying, the wind was really hard. Consequently, my parachute drifted far from my friends. Then, when I tried to look at them, I did not see anyone and I was flying alone. Afterwards, I landed on an island and I did know where I was. I tried to call my family, but I did not have a cell signal. I felt panicked and I started to cry. After some time, my mind began to clear because I started to breathe deeply. Therefore, many ideas began to come to mind. First, one of them was that I needed to find the way to survive alone on the island just with the things that I had in my backpack and the whatever island resources there were. Then, I opened my backpack and I found a knife, a lighter, mosquito repellent, sunscreen, and my toothbrush. All of those items were really important to me to survive alone on the island.

After that, I went to collect wood, because I realize that at night the temperature would drop and I would need light. Fortunately, I had a knife in my bag. It was really useful at that moment. In addition, I started to search for leaves to make a mattress because my back was hurting me a lot. Moreover, I went to look for coconuts because I was really thirsty. Sadly, I did not find anything and I started to feel really mad. I was really tired, thirsty and cold. At midnight, I realized that I could use my parachute as a blanket, and I used it. When I got up the next day, I was really sad and scared because I was alone in the island. I was thinking about my family and friends because they should be looking for me. Also, that day I had many issues. First, the temperature was very high in the middle of the day, so I decided stay under the palm tree. Then, the mosquitos started to bite me, so I decided to look for another place but I did not have any shaded, so I got sunburned.

Finally, I realized forget about the mosquito repellent and sun protection that I had in my backpack and I felt really silly. At night, I made a fire again. I was really thirsty and hungry so, I decided to find something to drink and eat. While I was walking, I found a big lake and I decided to bathe and drink some water. The water was really clean and I noticed that there were a lot of fish. However, I had a problem I did not know how to fish. Eventually, I remembered that I had my parachute, so I immersed it into the water and in no time, I had something to eat. At night, I was preparing to rest under one tree, so I was organizing my mattress of leaves while I was warming some water on the fire. Suddenly, I heard a helicopter, rapidly I started to make smoke signs but they did not see me. So, I remembered that I had a flashlight in my pocket and I used it. Finally, they saw my light and I was rescued. That was a really exciting moment and I was so happy. Then, I started to cry because I missed my home, my bed, my bathroom and all my things that I had and never so valued before.

Now, I value more my life, my home, the food that I eat every day, my family and friends. This experience was a great life lesson.

03 December 2019
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