The Factors We Evaluate When Choosing a Career

When I finished my secondary school, I decided to be an economist because I liked to count and I was good at mathematics. An economy is the most important part of our life. I thought it's an interesting and useful profession. It was important for me chose a career which had a good connection with my interests and skills. When I had finally finished university I was looking for any jobs because I would start to work as fast as possible.

When I was looking for a job I did not think about working hours, status or salary. I understood that it’s difficult to find a good job without any experience and references. First of all I wrote a simple and clear CV where I described the most relevant information and details about me. I sent my resume to different companies and just waiting for a reply. I was surprised because after one week I get an answer. I had to go to an interview which was arranged next week. It was good because I had one week to prepare myself. I knew that a preparation could be important. After one week I was ready to go to my first interview. I dressed neat and tidy. I arrived at the office a little earlier to have time to find a staff room.

An interviewer was a very kind woman who asked me a lot of questions. I felt comfortable there because I prepared very well and I was able to show and tell that I was the right person for this job though I had not any experience. I was very happy I got this job. When I was working as an economist I had a lot of good colleagues who worked with me. I tried to hear my colleagues’ different opinions to make a right decision and they respected me for that. I think that one of the important parts of a successful job fits into the team.

One of my greatest strengths is my patience and communication skills. These qualities help me to communicate easily with other people. I am pleased that I chose this career because I like to count, analyze, work with numbers and papers. I like to set new professional goals for myself and reach them. The realization of my goals is an important part of my professional qualities because it helps me learn fast and develop myself. Without this, it’s impossible to be really skilled in any jobs.

I think when we choose a career or look for a job first of all we must look for a job which we really like and only after that care about salary or status.

18 March 2020
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