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The Future Conseuqences Of Technology Advancement For Our Lives

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After the Thirty Years’ War, the modern military weapon started and the technology was developed just a couple of years. The technology developed advancements allowed the great army to use for against enemies during war. In World War II, the first nuclear bomb was invented and using which killed many people around 60 million. In the present era, from the development of artificial intelligence (AI), it has ability same as human resulting smarter like human ability. Therefore, it risks for many jobs disappear in the future. Moreover, the automatic technology advancements have an impact on several perspectives not only a job but it also impacts on society, economic and our life. This paper will argue that people should be aware the technology advancement can impact our lives and we should find the new way to survival in the next 10-20 years.

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Artificial intelligence

In the technology era, the technology was developed as far as possible. For example, artificial intelligence (AI), it is an intelligence assistant and improve its modelling of human action and return smarter result like human ability or more than human ability. AI can process data to help workplaces safety and efficiency. AI in term of health care services, it can advance on improving patient outcome and reducing cost which can apply machine learning to make better and faster diagnose than human. So, it could make doctor and nurse job disappear. Moreover, AI can understand natural language and has capability of responding to question asked same as Siri application on your smartphone, it can help people to find the information just talking with your mobile phone resulting interpreter disappear. Al in term of business, robotic process automation applied to be normal performed by human that it has ability to analyst data and corporate into website to provide the information for customer immediately. Therefore, the robot could be replace accountant.

AI in term of education, student can access to learn lesson through e-learning such as in class IAC 310 that teacher teach student thought the video; thus, it could make “teacher” disappear in the future. -The impact of technology development Thanks to technology development, It cannot be denied that the technology make people more convenient but unfortunately it also make some job disappear and become more ability than human ability. So, the result of AI give us to concern in the future that your job has effect from the becoming AI or not. In the present era, people work on service sector and because services sector is a hub of financial. But, in the next decade, most of people who work in service sector would be disappeared such as fight attendant, waiter, diver, nurse. Moreover, the merchant would disappear because AI can help to commerce on online such as Lazada, E-bay. So, it impacts for many people who work with this sector. If AI can replace several job, it makes people become unemployed. So, if people has unemployed statue lead to increase crime in our society because people will not have money for spending in their dairy life; so, they find another way to find money. In Thailand, Bank employees, they were affect and suffer from the technology development because Bank use technology replacing labor. For example, Siam commercial Bank (SCB) plans reduce bank employee from 27000 employees to 15000 over three years and toward to the digital banking era. “The digital banking platform will gradually reduce the bank’s fee-based income by 20% over the next three years. But this platform will also simultaneously reduce operating expenses” because the digital banking make higher interest income; so, the bank expects to maintain profitability in the long run by reducing the bank employees.

Furthermore, there is robot nurses, named Nan, Nim, and Nee, were made by a Chinese tech start-up based in Shenzhen in Thailand which is used to dispense medication and make deliveries between the eight stations of the hospital. The robots can even take the elevators by themselves and communicate in both Thai and Chinese lead to nurse job disappear. In the past, technology can replace low-skilled labor but today it can replace medium, highly skilled and who have education.

What jobs could be disappear in the next 10-20 years

From the last year in IAC 231 class, I did research about what job in next 20 years will disappear and effect from becoming of AI. The result is “Interpreter” as a first job would disappear following factory worker, cleaning staff, librarian, reception, guide, accountant, driver and voice actor. Those jobs would be disappeared because of AI coming. Most of job required high education such as interpreter, accountant. As a student of faculty of liberal Arts, many student would like to do job about using language. So, it impact on student for searching job in the future. On the other hand, even the technology could make many jobs disappear but some jobs require moral and justice such as lawyer. The robot cannot think like a lawyer because one of the most important is lawyer teach in law school for think like a lawyer.

So, it require complicated of human’s behavior; however, I think that technology can develop and plus the moral and justice of human to ensure same as lawyer can did more accurately as soon as possible. In conclusion, after thorough consideration, the technology advancement give us aware about job would be disappear in the next 10-20 years and make people should recognise that your job could be impact or not. If it could be disappear, you could search for new job in order to make you still have income. For example, you should have own business or working on AI system such as staff of AI cleaning, AI professional. Even it seems to be hard to make it but everyone should improve yourself for surviver in the future because technology still continue to develop by nonstop. Therefore, people should develop themselves same as technology development as well.

15 April 2020

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