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The Heavy Costs Of Alcohol Addiction

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It’s interesting to notice that the existence of alcohol can backward to 10 millions ago, which even longer than the modern human civilization. () Alcohol as one of the most popular and consumption drink, it shows up everywhere. Up to the international banquet down to ordinary people party; various types for people to choose from. Most of the time, people like to drink alcohol for relax and promote social relationship. Nevertheless, there are a part of people drink a lot and out of control, which is known as “alcoholism” and it should be taking serious. In fact, a term called “alcohol abuse” is used to describe those people who have alcohol addiction in psychology; it is considers mental illness nowadays. () Alcohol addiction as one type of mental disorder, affects individuals health negatively; it interferes with interpersonal relationships and becomes a threat to society. Firstly, drinking excessively can cause a serious health problem both physically and mentally. Over drinking can seems as chronic suicide that result in numerous disease.

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According to the study between alcohol and cancer from International Agency, there are plenty of proof explicit that long-term alcohol use will lead to cell mutation and cause to cancer. () This research should attract society attention before they get drunk, the cost could be heavy. Even though there’s no data shows that how much alcohol intake will result in cancer directly, it still need to have an eye on the possibility might happened. In fact, the possibility is not low to ignore it; each year, about 11,900 cancer instances are cause by excessive alcohol intake in the UK. In other words, these are strong realistic examples to inform that the more alcohol to drink, the higher risk to several cancer in general case. () It also have a negative impact on mental health. People would like to drink a little bit for depress, if it became an addiction, then should be reconsiders is it drinking has been the way to deal way anxiety? A research by University of North Carolina School of Medicine shows that, Disorder used of alcohol will damaged the brain and getting more anxiety after drunk. (Thomas Kash, 2012) Thus, if people are thinking drinking is the best to exert oneself, it won’t get any help and the situation only get worse. That is, alcohol abuse hurt the body and mind. In addition, alcohol addiction will wreck family and social relationships. If is there is one member in the family is an alcoholic, the negative impacts to the whole family are enormous. Investigator of the University of Michigan once did a survey to study the relative of alcohol and divorce demonstrate that, almost half of the participators that either now or before addict to alcohol has at least one time broken marriage. () People that has alcohol use disorder is unconscious and may not realize the way to treat spouse. Family disputes caused by alcohol are common, such as some people get drunk may occur extramarital affair; and some people, with a vague conscious mind, may quarrel with partner to vent emotions from stress; or even raise to family violence. Also, better half is not the only victim in these families; the effect of children come in for may be more serious and far-reaching.

A research has discovery that one third of children that has experienced parental carelessness and ill-treat lead to killed and wounded are link to alcohol. ()This is a huge proportion that deserves the public attention. Growth environment and family education are the key factors that affect children’s character and moral sense. If the parent cannot teach well by precepts and deeds, and trying to use violence to deal with the child issue. How could provide senses of security and expect kids knowing what is right and wrong. When they grow up, they might develop a manic and depressed character or become a danger to the society that lead to crime. It is also annoying for people that work with drunk man; for those high safety requirements, excessive drinking may cause severe problems. Work with alcoholic has no guarantee weather the quality of job or even the life security, it will affect the communication with colleague, the efficiency and accuracy of group project; and may sacrifice in those high risk work because of others negligence. These support the idea that alcohol used disorder will destroy the relationships of family and community. Furthermore, people who are addicted to alcohol are underlying risks to the society. Statistics state that in the U. S more than 10,000 people lost in car accident due to alcohol in 2016; and for teenager vehicle accident, more than half of the killers are “ alcohol”. () Even it is clear that drunk driving is against the law, there’s still a lot of people drive in drunk. This is not only irresponsible for oneself, but also a tremendous threat to others life. Another common but critical issued caused by alcohol is sexual assault. Survey by University of Michigan found that, nearly half of the sexual abuse are affected by at least one side intake alcohol. ( Abbey, Zawacki, et al. , 2001)

Although alcohol intake is not the direct reason that cause to sex offense, it does possible to increase the sex impulse to a certain extent. Every year, the economic cost of alcohol assumption lead to relative issue is huge. For example, Canada pay on 14. 6 billion dollars on it every year from health care, low enforcement cost to the lost on productivity. () The bill should be cut down if is fewer alcoholism. The harm of alcohol used hazards folks and government is obviously. In conclusion, alcoholism has a horrible effect on human health, impede social interaction and risky to the public. It increase the rate of cancer and contribute to depression; also destroy the relationship with spouse and children, and adverse effect on workplace; lead to more society problem such as drunk driving, sexual assault and large financial bill. Moderate drinking might be good in some way; for example, it help relax and stronger the heart function. But over addicted will cause a lots of problem and only would be harmful that become mental disorder, the best solution is to meet a doctor and treat it early.

15 April 2020

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