The Hidden Truth About Whitney Houston and Robyn Crawford Relationship

The public took notice of who Robyn Crawford really is for the first time after she became very close to one of the greatest singers and actresses in the world, Whitney Houston. The two met for the first time in 1979 while attending a Catholic girls' high school in Caldwell, New Jersey called Mount Saint Dominic Academy. 

From an ordinary friend, Crawford became Whitney's executive assistant and inseparable companion to the point people began suspecting that they are not only friends but also lovers.Their relationship dramatically changed and turned sour after the singer tied the knot with American rapper Bobby Brown, leading to non-stop quarrel and friction between Robyn and her friend. The two subsequently went their separate ways, which led Whitney to fall back on drugs which would impact her health, career, and eventually led to her death.

Robyn Crawford's Bio

Robyn Crawford was born to African-American parents in the year 1963. Her parents welcomed her into the world precisely in East Orange, a city in New Jersey, in the U.S, where she supposedly grew up and received a formal education.Unfortunately, Crawford has not been vocal on her background, the identities of her parents, other family members, and early life. She has successfully kept this part of her personal life away from the media for reasons best known to her. As hinted earlier, Robyn owes her rise to prominence to Whitney Houston, whom she met when they were teenagers. Although the singer's life was sadly cut short as a result of a drug overdose, Crawford was hugely part of her life and that of her career. From the recording of Houston’s first album to the immense success that trailed it to her numerous sold-out world tours, her tempestuous marriage to Bobby and the birth of their child, Crawford was around. Regardless of the differences that marred their relationship at some point, the singer considered Robyn as 'the sister she never had'. They were very close and had an amazing relationship until things went haywire, resulting in Crawford's resignation from Houston's management company in May 2000.

Whitney and Robyn 

Robyn suffered a devastating loss in the year 2012, precisely on February 11, when Whitney was found in her suite at the Beverly Hilton Hotel submerged in the bathtub and was later pronounced dead. Robyn Crawford is a proud lesbian married to a woman called Lisa Hintelmann. The pair got connected after Crawford severed her friendship with Whitney and have remained inseparable since then.Hintelmann’s LinkedIn page attests that she currently works at Audible, Inc. as the Head of Talent and Entertainment Partnerships. The Boston College graduate is said to have previously had stints at the New York-based monthly men's magazine GQ, and Esquire. Robyn and her wife share two adorable twins together. They adopted the pair after their marriage and now reside together in New Jersey. 

Surprisingly, in a bid to clear the air and demystify her much talked about relationship with the singer, Robyn wrote a book titled A Song for You: My Life With Whitney Houston.The tell-all book which covers Robyn's side of the story on their controversial relationship has a 2019 release date. For now, Crawford is still focused on her showbiz career as a producer, contributing her own quota to the industry.

07 July 2022
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