The History of Tea and First Tea Party

The creation of tea is hundreds of years old and has changed a lot over time. The founding of tea dates back to the T’chang Dynasty, discovered by the Chinese sage Emperor Shennong. The story is told by saying that a few tea leaves fell into his cup of hot water from a burning tea twig nearby, which lead into the founding of the wonderful plant. The founding of this wonderful plant changed history in a very impactful way, from the trade of it to only being able to afford it if you were rich and wealthy. The trading and founding of tea has caused many events in history to happen that have a great impact on the lives we have today. From the Boston Tea Party to now modern day, tea has always had a impact on the way we live. The founding of tea is remarkable to our history, it gave us the lives we have today. The way its been brewed, packaged in, and has caused major events in history has changed our lives dramatically overtime.

The first begins tea in Europe and the Boston Tea Party, which had a lot to do with the history we have today. Tea in Europe was known as a luxary and you could only afford it if you had some kind of wealth. But when Europe became in debt they starting putting more taxes on desirable items that people enjoyed, this caused a outrage in the colonies and Europe. This now begins the start of the rebellion to boycott the British. “On November 27, 1773 the first ship in the Boston Harbor arrives, it was called the Dartmouth”. “Then the second ship arrives, the Eleanor on December 2nd and on December 15th the Beaver docked at the harbor”. “The English announced that the taxes be paid on the tea by December 17th, but on Dec 16th more than 5,000 people gather at the 'Old South Meeting House in Boston” where was a tea party. They planned anaction that the British will never forget, the people of the action dressed as Native Americans and boarded the 3 ships. The attack was led by the Sons of Liberty and Samuel Adams. Samuel Adams was a known as a founding father and was the main person who lead the protests against Bristish taxation. “Samuel Adams and the colonists began to sieze and dumb the tea into the harbor, the protesters destroyed over 342 crates which weighed up to 92,000 pounds”. The value of tea destroyed was estimated to be worth over 1.7 millions dollars in today’s economy. When the news about the Boston Tea Party his England, it made British officials furious. In response to the act of the colonists the English enacted a series of harsh punishments known as the Intolerable Acts. The British being furious demanded that the colonists must pay for the tea and closed the port of Boston, until the price for all the tea was made. The Intolerable acts caused the colonists to house any British soilder that needed housing and resticted public meetings. But even with these restrictions the colonists got stronger and strengthened there revolutionary spirit. This later lead to the Revolutionary War in 1776, when the colonists finally set apart from England and became independent. There was also a second Boston Tea Party that occured in March of 1774, when about 60 Bostonians boarded the ship called Fortune and dumbed nearly 30 chests of tea into the harbor. This act was not as noticeable as the first one, but it did encourage other types of tea dumping.

The history of tea is remarkable and has effected everyone in some type of way. From the way we live, even to our lives everyday. The History of tea is honestly more interesting then most people think, due to the fact that its what made this country how it is today. Tea caused this country to be independent and it has also caused many important roles in history. Such as trade among everyone back in the T’chang Dynasty and in early Europe where the fist tea party was held. Tea shouldn’t be known as just a beverage for everyday drinking it should be seen as a necessity to people to keep them healthy and feeling good.          

07 July 2022
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