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The Imapct Of Art On The European Renaissance Architecture

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The transition to European Renaissance is a quite noticeable change for all civilizations. It transferred Europe drastically from the enhancement in technology, beliefs, philosophies, education, art and architecture, history, and agriculture. Many Westerns strongly deny that Arabs, especially Muslims, had played an important role of the transition of Europe’s Dark Ages to the period of Renaissance.

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During the contribution, a wide range of different medias had been clearly characterized by Islamic art. For instance: calligraphy, illustrated manuscripts, metalwork’s and glass, textiles and ceramics. Moreover, during the middle ages, the decorative art was highly valued in Europe. How did the art influence on the renaissance architecture? Did they create their own style? The renaissance was the fluid movement in Europe where it affected many things, mainly new ideologies and principles that shifted life virtues. Specifically, art and architecture had a major role in the impact of the European Renaissance. To start with, art is one of the dominated feature a building indeed needs to have. Textiles were vital during the early period where it helps in making many different architecture and artistic forms that survived, kept at churches mainly. Since many people did not understand the Islamic inscriptions, the Christians did not find that type of art offensive. Also, the ornaments and painted scenes strongly influenced the architecture of that period.

During the middle ages, different stages occurred in regional styles that helped in creating many different artistic and architecture forms. Also, Byzantine and Coptic architectural traditions had used diverse in mosaic art and sculptures in the early Islamic art period. Correspondingly, they used painted tiles in the buildings rather than wall painting, so that they can build a symbolic building out of different styles. Gothic architecture is well known for its modifications as well as spiritualism that led to the concept of humanism. Other elements that affected the renaissance is the Crusader art. It is mainly a mix of Catholic and Byzantine art with a little blend of Islamic. However, crusader art is now considered to be mainly Islamic. The pseudo Kufic art that got well known during the renaissance was originally imitated from Arabic manuscripts.

Moreover, the Islamic art can be demonstrated through the monuments in Spain, as the paramount monument who contributed had been located there. What is more, of the great buildings are the great mosque of Cordoba and Alhambra in Granada. These two buildings principally contained of bright, colorful, and magnificent, rich in arabesques and calligraphy and geometric designs. Additionally, the beauty of the place is completely emphasized by Quran, where the Quran helps in creating uniquely Islamic visual designs due to the beauty of the book. Besides, is that aesthetic form with its geometric design in the place is the major role for the arabesque, as this helps in identifying their buildings clearly. Before the centuries, carpets were the up highly desired arts and forms among the Muslim world since they had respected the European artist paintings and designs. Consequently, the ceramics and glasses shows a virtuous role in generating buildings, where a tin glazing was reinvented and then introduce to Europe, thus itleads to be one of the main dominate features and techniques of the western pottery.

Furthermore, more materials were introduced. Likewise, the metallic glaze, as this comforts in crafting luster and multi-colored pottery, where the luster was introduced to Europe through Spain and Italy. While glaze pottery was brought by Italy and also the ceramic plates which helps in decorating the churches by the Muslim world for three centuries. During the middle ages, the Muslims were known by the only civilization who tried to produce glass and rock crystal, made out of high artistic quality. Not only did the glass work as decorative element, but-also as practical application. Also, the Islamic art is never finished as the connoisseur is one the Islamic painting types and is the fines, established in Persian, Mughal, and Turkish miniatures. Since the miniatures is important in Islamic art, it contains other features, such as buildings, calligraphy, gardens, carpets, and clothes. The Islamic creation gives wealth even when they tried to use many things for example: brilliant colors and use of gold and precious stones. The most vital art during the contribution is the Arabic calligraphy, where the qur’anic scripts were initiating calligraphy as an art. As a result, numerous styles can be used either in many different media or in decoration of the building.

During the early years of Islamic history, artists were strongly believing in the geometric designs, as it was used in arabesque. Architectural wise, architecture is the art of Islam where it can be designated in several different ways, either by forms or shapes. In addition, architecture is a cultural aspect that left influence on cultures and faiths all around the world, even Christianity. Gothic architecture styles and decorations had been influenced by the Islamic architecture, where the pointed arch was introduced in Europe. This influence passed by the gothic tracery due to the decorative craved stone and the open windows filled by pierced stone, which lead to certain consequences. Where architecture moldings and sculpture created varied separate decorative motifs that is mainly common by Islamic and Christians. In details, the prophet’s mosque who is located in the Madinah was taken as an architype of an Islamic building that it was used for worshiping and it was fascinated by its dome and Minerate. -Talking deeply in architecture feature, ribbed vaults, flying buttresses and pointed arches are one of the main feature that need to be taken into consideration during this contribution. These features gave advantages to build lealer building other than the Romanesque style. Pointed arches were firstly employed by the Islamic architecture before it got transmitted to the western styles, such as the gothic architecture style. The gothic style had been taken forward to the renaissance contribution and they built their own style using the gothic style as a standard base. When the style was made in Italy, it was christened as renaissance architecture style and became a role of antiquity. Classically, harmonious form, mathematical proportions and a unit of assortment base on human scale are the descriptions language to the Renaissance Architecture.

To sum up, Islam made some huge advancements in many different areas. Buildings stand out with their art and architectural form and style. The contribution of renaissance had raised a new architecture style, but it was based on gothic architecture yet they had created their own forms and masses. Basically, the main dominate architecture style was the arch and vaults, as the transform of load could be done straightforward. The creation in art formation was not did only concern about painting and textiles, but also about sculpture art. The use of many art style, who was use on form or shapes, was the main crucial aspect made during the contribution. The level of artistic form rises during the periods of influence. Every single art was made had a great influence on the meaning the need to be given, without the art the building was not get in shape and will be basically without a great meaning that the people want to clarify themselves for it. The main influence of art that the arb gave during the renaissance period is that they supported the metallic glazed pottery, ceramics and glasses. The vital things about this period is they tried to make buildings made of bright, colorful, and magnificent, rich in arabesques and calligraphy and geometric designs.

18 May 2020

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