The Impact Of Spoken Language On People's Tretment

Spoken language can be seen as the main way of communication in many relationships; both platonic and romantic. The type of speech used by certain people can lead to people stereotyping. This isn't something that should be supported but individuals do it anyway.

The way people express themselves shouldn’t determine the way you base your judgment on them. A way of looking at this would be that someone may have grown up in a place different from where they are originally from subsequently, it would cause for them to acquire an accent. An example of this is the fact that I'm from Palestine but I was born and grew up in Qatar, therefore, I have a way of speaking that is a mixture of both accents.

Additionally, when speaking to different people the way you speak changes so if the way you speak defines who you are then you would have an ever-changing identity depending on who you speak to. This applies to the idea that when speaking to different age groups, the tone and vocabulary often change because when speaking to someone older it is more. Respectful to speak in a proper and sophisticated way rather than when speaking to a person of the same age.

This also occurs when speaking to a teacher or a figure of authority because you are obligated to speak with respect. Categorizing people by the way they speak can lead to stereotyping and often prejudiced because you associate a certain way of speaking with a certain group of people. An example of this is that speaking in broken English can make people take you less seriously and can lead them to believe you had less of an education. Which is a stereotype that isn’t true because you can still be intelligent even if you can't express yourself using a certain language (English).

It’s also seen that if you don’t speak English properly you come from a third world country if you are a person of color which again creates prejudice. Subsequently, creating molds for everyone and the way they should speak could create issues when it comes to gender discourse because as it is nowadays, if a male speaks in a feminine matter they are seen as homosexual or less “manly” even though men are thrones who created the standards for themselves and they view women as less, therefore, it’s seen as an insult if someone expresses themselves in a feminine way. This could also apply to the fact that many men believe that women should be delicate and sweet when spoken to because they believe that women are born to cater to men.

If a female decides to speak in a more “violent” way which could mean using more profanity, they are seen as less feminine. Similarly, trying to pin someone to one characteristic should not be a way of understanding others because humans are more complex than having two-dimensional personalities. Many people don’t agree with this way of thinking about language and identity because it changes the way they view others and their internalized prejudice.

03 December 2019
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